Bloomfield – A Long Wait For Nothing

Bloomfield - A Long Wait For Nothing - EP cover

When new pop punkers Bloomfield dropped their debut single, Clay, last month its fair to say they piqued the interest of many and now, following second single Eulogy, their debut EP, A Long Wait For Nothing, has landed to quite some expectation.

The same great pop punk sound that marked Clay is there from the start of the EP and throughout there are choruses with huge singalong potential once the band get a few more live shows under their belt, having been delayed somewhat in that regard by Guernsey’s second lock down earlier in the year.

Along with the standard bouncy sounds Bloomfield aren’t afraid to take things in other directions as they end opener md-36 with vocalist Francesco Rega getting growly while the band slow and lower things down to almost doomy proportions.

Bloomfield - band shot

Elsewhere Rotten Hearts opens with an acoustic part which is a nice contrast, while Sinking, which follows Clay as almost one song, slows things down very effectively.

Across the record Rega’s vocal delivery and lyrics have a genuine and honesty that can often be lost in a studio situation and it comes with a nice turn of phrase in places that keeps it interesting and elevates it from what can sometimes be a rather self pitying style of music.

Clay and Sinking act as a set with one merging into the other and providing the EPs highlight, while my favourite line comes in Love’s Not For You as Rega sings ‘Now I’m in a band and it’s going great cus I write about you and my existential pain’ rather nicely summing you not just this record but a fair chunk of the genre as a whole.


Eulogy rounds off the record on a more melancholy but equally impressive note, rather like it did their last live show, summing up a lot of what makes the whole set great with some great guitar work and drums that birder on the busy but never quite go too far (making drummer Toby Beasley’s inspiration from Travis Barker clear).

A Long Wait For Nothing is a great little collection that captures the essence of Bloomfield as new band while also teasing us with what may be to come in the future, and I can’t wait to hear that and see them firmly establish themselves in a live environment too.

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