SpaceSoul – Volume 1

SpaceSoul are a band who’ve appeared seemingly apropos of nothing on the Guernsey music scene with a debut EP, Volume 1, before a big gig opening for Plastic Mermaids and Volleyball later in the year. From a brief burst of Black Sabbath-esque storm sound the EP opens with a self-titled track where relaxed guitars are... Continue Reading →

Coastal Fire Dept – Gouge Away

There’s no denying that Coastal Fire Dept have had one of the most sustained runs of releasing new music of any band I can remember in the Channel Islands with a string of singles, EPs and a debut album over the last couple of years to rival anyone and now they’ve started their next cycle... Continue Reading →

China Aster – If I Could Dance

A decade ago, when this blog first launched, China Aster was a name you may have seen appear on a reasonably regular basis being a young three or four piece indie band and now, after a lengthy break, it’s something of a surprise and a pleasure, to say they have returned with a new single... Continue Reading →

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