The Wildhearts – Remember These Days

The Wildhearts - Remember These Days - artwork

Two years since their last new album, Renaissance Men (there has been the 30th anniversary live album in between), The Wildhearts are back with Remember These Days, a single to give a little preview of their upcoming new album 21st Century Love Songs (due in September).

With the band once again consisting of the so-called ‘classic’ line up of Ginger (guitar and vocals), CJ (guitar and vocals), Danny (bass and vocals) and Ritch (drums) it’s clear they are in a nostalgic mood, at least lyrically.

The Wildhearts - 2021
The Wildhearts in 2021 (l-r, CJ, Ginger, Ritch, Danny)

Looking back at not just their early days as a band, but also their misspent musical youth in both direct and abstract terms with the lines ‘we were high on amphetamines, still learning how to play’ capturing the feeling perfectly while a few moments already stand out as future singalong favourites once full crowds are allowed back into shows.

Musically and sound wise this is modern Wildhearts through and through, feeling like a continuation of what we heard on Renaissance Men and Diagnosis, with a hefty dose of grit combined with some choice harmonies and angular noise mixing with a great bounce.

The Wildhearts circa 1994
The Wildhearts circa 1994 (l-r: Ritch, Ginger, CJ, Danny)

A few of the band’s trademark tonal and riff switches move things along, highlighted by a monstrous bass riff half way through that again shows Danny sounding as good as he ever has, before the track concludes with another prime sing- and bounce-along section.

This all makes Remember These Days another more than solid entry in The Wildhearts’ catalogue of crowd pleasers but with a nice edge of something a bit more melancholy just under the surface too.

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