1000 Posts Later…

A little over six years ago I started this blog as a place to archive some of the freelance writing I was doing for different magazines and newspapers, as well a seeing a place for original articles and entries related to my radio work. Now, as I hit 1000 posts, I thought I'd take a... Continue Reading →

The Recks – The Beast From The Sea

Formed over a cold dark winter on the tiny island of Sark more than half a decade ago The Recks have had a tumultuous history that's seen them go from local pub The Mermaid Tavern, to Boomtown and Isle of Wight festivals, to a near devastating break up to an increasingly triumphant return - with... Continue Reading →

Monty Python’s Life Of Brian

With the entirety of the Monty Python series having appeared on Netflix in recent weeks I've been somewhat spoiled with what to watch, having casually rewatched a fair chunk of the Flying Circus, along with a recent documentary series on the team, I thought it time to revisit the films. Given I've relatively recently seen... Continue Reading →

Avengers: Infinity War

To say the hype around Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War has been extreme would be an understatement. When the first Avengers movie (aka Avengers Assemble) was released it felt like an unsurpassable moment in mainstream comic book movies, Marvel have since surpassed that on at least two occasions with the broader scope of Age of Ultron... Continue Reading →

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