Ghost Stories

The portmanteau horror film was something of a mainstay back in the days of Hammer horror in the 1960s and 70s where several shorter tales were combined to make one feature-length movie, generally linked by some kind of thematic device, be it a simple presenter/storyteller or something more inventive. Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman's Ghost... Continue Reading →

Citizen-X – Giant Steps EP

For a few years the being known only as Citizen-X has been marking out a groove both in his local scene and in the wider, if somewhat niche, world of iOS produced electronic music. In that time he's played most of Guernsey's main festivals and events as well as being featured on blogs and playlists... Continue Reading →

The Limit Club – Kid Bitchin’

A couple of months ago I posted a review of, Painless, the new single from The Limit Club -┬ánow Nick Feratu and his band of Arizona misfits have dropped their new full album, Kid Bitchin'. Having originally formed in 2005, The Limit Club (named, rather tellingly, after a song by The Damned) have released three... Continue Reading →

Help by Simon Amstell

I'll admit that when I got Help by Simon Amstell, I believe as a Christmas present, it had been added to my Amazon wish list on something of a whim after hearing its author on a couple of podcasts, not really talking about the book but just about his life and career and I thought... Continue Reading →

The Maltese Falcon

A little while ago I read and re-watched the tale that many discuss as being the peak of film noir (and its literary equivalent hard-boiled), The Big Sleep. With the down at heel detective, glamorous femme fatale and tale of intrigue and murder it's hard to argue against it. However, four years before that film... Continue Reading →

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