The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

With Marvel’s cinematic slate somewhat stalled for the last year or so for probably obvious reasons we have been treated to a bit of a break from the MCU, as it had been becoming somewhat overwhelming, and then Wandavision twisted expectation for an MCU TV show rather nicely, but now another series, The Falcon And... Continue Reading →

Lost Highway

It must be coming up to two decades since I first (and, until now, last) saw David Lynch’s 1997 movie Lost Highway, it being one of the ‘set texts’ early on in my film course at university. About all I remember from that viewing was a feeling of unsettled confusion and wondering quite what the... Continue Reading →

Wild At Heart

Quite possibly, of all of David Lynch’s films, Wild At Heart was the one I knew least about before sliding it into the Blu-Ray player. As the screen is enveloped with flame and a distinctive piece of Angelo Badalamenti penned music emerges from the speakers though, it soon becomes obvious this came very much from... Continue Reading →

Wonder Woman 1984

When the first Wonder Woman film was released back in 2017 it felt like the rejuvenating breath of fresh air the so-called DC Extended Universe needed and, even if it wasn’t perfect, it was a sign things were changing for the, up to that point, challenged alternative to Marvel’s world beating MCU. So, while seeing... Continue Reading →

Clameur De Haro – Self-titled

Seven years ago, at the Sark Folk Festival, Clameur De Haro added themselves to the tradition of bands from the Bailiwick of Guernsey who take what could sound like a novelty approach to their music, focussing on aspects of local life run through a folk and country filter, but make it something more than that.... Continue Reading →

April 2021 Playlist

Click here to listen now on Spotify Another busy month with live music well and truly back on the agenda in Guernsey and lots of new releases too, along with a few other bits. Of the new stuff I’ve got the debut single from A Band Of Squirrels and new tracks from Axon Bower, Burning... Continue Reading →

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