Hotel Artemis

Every now and then a film comes along that cuts off all the extraneous elements to present a tight and enjoyable ride that may not tax the mind but is perfect for an entertaining evening with friends. In horror you can see this, arguably, with Halloween and certainly with later slasher fair, in action it began... Continue Reading →

Porno by Irvine Welsh

A little while back I re-read Irvine Welsh's era defining novel Trainspotting, largely to remind myself of its characters before embarking on its sequel, the far less subtly titled, Porno. As is likely well-known to any who really cares, Porno picks up the lives of the earlier story's characters ten years on with Sick Boy... Continue Reading →

They Shall Not Grow Old

When I first heard about They Will Not Grow Old, the new documentary about the First World War from director Peter Jackson, I'll admit I was cynical. After all, how many films have been made about this, telling us about the horrors of the war and futility in 'going over the top', of how the... Continue Reading →

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