Dune (2021)

Ever since Frank Herbert’s science fiction masterwork Dune was released in the mid 1960s it seems like there have been plans to make it into a movie, even before Star Wars set a new template for the sci-fi blockbuster. In the 1970s Alejandro Jodorowsky attempted it leading to nothing but some amazing concept art and... Continue Reading →

No Time To Die

And so a year and a half since it was originally supposed to hit cinemas I’ve had a chance to see the latest James Bond movie, No Time To Die, the final film in the series (so it seems) to feature Daniel Craig as the titular super spy and directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga. With... Continue Reading →

Sonic Bomb – No Longer

Back at the start of September young rockers Sonic Bomb dropped debut single, Family Tree, to quite some fanfare and coincided it with a win at the School Of Popular Music Under 18s Battle Band, now a month later they’re back with a follow up, No Longer. Starting with a similar musical template this again... Continue Reading →

Slayer – Reign In Blood

Thirty-five years ago thrash metal underwent something of a step change as three of the ‘big four’ released landmark albums (and the other wasn’t far behind dropping one the following year) with Metallica building on Ride The Lightning with the developing sound of Master Of Puppets, Megadeth defined their sound more clearly on their second... Continue Reading →

The Nightmares – Jalapeño

Back at the start of Summer 2021, The Nightmares dropped The Rudeboy, a debut single that really captured a sound and feeling clashing the likes of Fontaines DC with The Jam and establishing themselves as a band to watch, not just live but on record, and now they’ve rounded off their summer by releasing a... Continue Reading →

Black Widow

The last couple of years have somewhat derailed my keeping up with Marvel Studio’s releases, in part as there have been many cinema releases and those there have been have been obviously inconsistent, and so I have come to Black Widow rather later than intended on Blu-Ray at home and with the sense of expectation... Continue Reading →

Granite Wolf – Death Calls Us Home

Granite Wolf have been tearing Guernsey’s live music scene a new one (so to speak) for a good few years now with their trademark riffs, beer and whisky fuelled performances but this is the first time they’ve committed anything to ‘tape’ and, with Death Calls Us Home, are giving us a taste of their upcoming... Continue Reading →

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