The Endless Summer (1966)

Having grown up a stone’s throw from arguably Guernsey’s premier surfing beach (with at least four different spots even I can think of along a mile or so of shore line) The Endless Summer is a film I’ve long been aware of and have distant of memories of watching, along with its sequel, in my... Continue Reading →

Honeycub – Battleground

Coming from Leeds, Honeycub are somewhat of a surprise addition to the roster of Guernsey based L’Islet Records, but, on listening to their latest single Battleground, it’s clear why the band and label have come together. Blasting out of the blocks like the best kind of groovy stomper, Battleground throws back to the late 90s... Continue Reading →

The Godfather Part III

After watching the first two instalments on the preceding days it felt only right to follow up with the, generally speaking far less well received, The Godfather Part III (specifically the original version, not the more recently released, Coda, version). Taking up the story of Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) and his family some 20 years... Continue Reading →

Spider-Man: No Way Home

After a pair of solid (but unspectacular) entries in the series it seemed that the current Spider-Man was in a position where his appearances in the big Avengers team up movies were going to be more memorable than his own films, which given the prominence of the character historically, felt like something of a shame... Continue Reading →

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