Part of Alex Garland's reputation has come from a particular streak of dark and violent science fiction, from 28 Days Later, Sunshine and Dredd to his directorial debut Ex Machina and now with Annihilation. Much has been made of the fact that this film, clearly made for big screen projection, has been picked up by... Continue Reading →

Ministry – AmeriKKKant

Four years ago Al Jourgensen's industrial metal outfit Ministry called it a day for the second time following the death of their lead guitarist Mike Scaccia with the less than stellar album From Beer To Eternity. Never one to be too predictable, or miss a chance for some belligerent rabble rousing, though, in 2018 they... Continue Reading →

The Death Of Stalin

Over the last couple of years it seems TV and cinema has once again decided to re-explore and reassess some of the pivotal moments of mid-20th century history. From The Crown to Dunkirk to Darkest Hour (all of which have gone with the more dignified standard 'drama' route) to Armando Iannucci's latest, The Death of... Continue Reading →

The Shape Of Water

When you hear the word 'fantasy' or 'fairy tale' in relation to cinema it's probably a safe bet that what first springs to mind is likely to be something like Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter or, at an outside chance, Labyrinth. Over the past few years though director Guillermo Del Toro has taken these... Continue Reading →


To anyone growing up in the U.K. Since 1945 the name Dunkirk will be a familiar one and it's story is one that has been told countless times and in countless ways across all media and in all styles, so, in 2017, what could director and arguable 'auteur' Christopher Nolan bring to it? The answer,... Continue Reading →

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