Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh

I think it's fair to say that Trainspotting is now more famous thanks to the 1996 film adaptation staring Ewan McGregor and directed by Danny Boyle than the book that spawned it, by Scottish writer Irvine Welsh and released in 1993. While the film was a breath of fresh air for the rather stuffy British... Continue Reading →

1000 Posts Later…

A little over six years ago I started this blog as a place to archive some of the freelance writing I was doing for different magazines and newspapers, as well a seeing a place for original articles and entries related to my radio work. Now, as I hit 1000 posts, I thought I'd take a... Continue Reading →

The Dune Saga by Frank Herbert

If you've been following this blog for a while you'll probably have picked up the idea that I'm a fan of Dune - from Frank Herbert's original novel to David Lynch's film, and much of the surrounding lore, both of the fictional world of the books and in regard to other adaptions of it from... Continue Reading →

Hollywood by Charles Bukowski

Hollywood has many faces, as I've recently seen with a rewatch of La La Land and The Decline of Western Civilisation, but its most famous is, of course, the film industry. Famously led by an insular network of producers and 'money men' who employ directors, actors and, here most crucially, writers (amongst others) to create... Continue Reading →

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