Hot Juice – Small Town Blues

A couple of weeks ago Jersey based three piece Hot Juice played their biggest show to date headlining the Made In Jersey Stage at the island's Weekender festival after winning a battle of the bands contest and releasing their third single, Small Town Blues. The track starts out as it means to go in with... Continue Reading →

Hot Plastic – Time Bomb

Over the last year or so Hot Plastic have, in their current form, been steadily building their reputation both in their home base of Jersey and across the south of the UK with a few visits across the Channel and in August 2019 they released their latest and fourth single, Time Bomb. Combining up to... Continue Reading →

3Teeth – Metawar

I first discovered 3Teeth when I saw them supporting Ministry in London on 6th July 2019, the day after the release of their third album, Metawar. After Hyperstition, an intro that drops us very much into the present, Affluenza kicks off a maelstrom of industrial metal that paints a picture of a world on the... Continue Reading →

Playlist – August 2019

Another busy month for music with a load of new music topped off with the longest running festival in the Channel Islands, the Vale Earth Fair, means another packed playlist. From and inspired by the Earth Fair is music from The King Blues, The Wakes and Lifejacket. Byzanthian Neckbeard is here after a storming live... Continue Reading →

Black Sabbath – The End (Blu-ray)

A little over two years ago, as I write this, the band that really defined what became heavy metal called it a day after a farewell world tour that wound up in their home city of Birmingham England. Dubbed The End this final Black Sabbath concert was captured on film by director Dick Carruthers and,... Continue Reading →

Frank Turner – No Man’s Land

Even before it was anywhere near release Frank Turner was already courting controversy thanks to the concept of his new album, No Man's Land, which is based around the idea of telling the stories of women from history, many in the musical or artistic world, in a way that celebrates them and exposes their stories... Continue Reading →

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