Morllyheads – Self-Titled

In 'the west' I think it's fair to say we are generally presented with two views of Japanese culture. The first is the 'salary man', a near robot so dedicated to his career he's more likely to end up literally dead from over work as successful in his chosen field, the second is the often... Continue Reading →

Playlist – July 2018

This is the first in what I'm hoping will become a monthly post I make with some of the highlights of music I've been listening to over the past four weeks. My aim is that it won't be just tracks I've featured either on the blog here or on my BBC Music Introducing In Guernsey... Continue Reading →

Jack White – Boarding House Reach

Even back in the days of The White Stripes, genre switching was something Jack White exhibited of a tendency for as, from within the duo's garage blues idiom, they explored everything from folk to mariachi. His solo work has done similar across both Blunderbuss and Lazaretto but, until now, has stayed pretty firmly in his... Continue Reading →

The Darkness – Live At Hammersmith

When The Darkness first burst onto the scene back in the early 2000s one of the things that first captivated, besides them sounding like nothing else on mainstream radio at the time, was the huge energy of their live shows. Having been lucky enough to catch them a couple of time at Reading Festival before... Continue Reading →

Savage Sons – Howlin’ EP

Savage Sons emerged onto the scene about a year ago as a full band and quickly set about bringing their own take on the blues to Guernsey's pub circuit. Now they have released their debut EP, Howlin', and continue that trend on record. The band combine a classic blues rock sound with a laconic Americana... Continue Reading →

The Interrupters – Fight The Good Fight

Ska punk is a genre that is often accused (and often rightly so) of being same-y and derivative, but, every now and then a band comes along that captures something special in that sound. That's just what Rancid leader Tim Armstrong's latest protégés, The Interrupters, did on their second album Say It Out Loud, and now... Continue Reading →

The Living End – Don’t Lose It (single)

While The Living End have been household names in their native Australia for the best part of two decades, in the U.K. and U.S. they have largely remained a cult act, maintaining a dedicated fan base through a string of records and, more influentially to my mind, consistently great live shows on their occasional visits.... Continue Reading →

Tiger Army – Dark Paradise EP

As Tiger Army albums tend to come along only every once in a while an EP from the band two years after their last full album, V…, is always going to be something for fans to celebrate. With that in mind the band held a pair of special shows, their only planned live appearances this... Continue Reading →

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