The Wildhearts – Dislocated (single)

Ten years ago, when The Wildhearts released their last album Chutzpah, the very concept of their 'classic' line up (Ginger, CJ, Ritch and Danny - who recorded much of PHUQ and toured Earth Vs...) reforming was unimaginable. Now though, several solo and side projects and a slew of excellent live shows together later, that's exactly... Continue Reading →

Playlist – January 2019

So a new year and I'm going to do the playlist a slightly different way - rather than a new playlist each month over on Spotify I'll have one which I'll update each month so if you follow it or subscribe to it then you can get my selection of tracks straight away in there.... Continue Reading →

Ginger Wildheart – GASS Mark II

GASS Mark II, released via the recently rejuvenated Round Records in September 2018, sees Ginger Wildheart drawing on the GASS subscription fan club project of a few years ago once again, following on from Year Of The Fanclub. While that album compiled tracks from the GASS project chosen by fans, here we get Ginger's top... Continue Reading →

Hollie Lucia – Scales-Weights

December 2018 saw more music released by artists and bands from Guernsey than I can recall in one such focussed period, so that's why it's taken me a while to get to this one. Hollie Lucia first came to my attention as half of 'dream-pop' duo Tonight The Skies around six years ago and, through... Continue Reading →

Blacksmith – Chapter One EP

Power metal, in its myriad variations, is and I think always will be a strange beast, and it's into this world that Guernsey trio Blacksmith (Adam Powell - Guitar and vocals, Iain Baxter - bass and vocals, Josh Davies - drums) have leaped feet first with their debut release, the Chapter One EP Despite having... Continue Reading →

The Dodge Brothers – Drive Train

On paper the idea of a modern band from the south of England playing music steeped in the sounds of the American south, pre-1960, simply shouldn't work, but, with their third album proper, Drive Train, The Dodge Brothers defy this idea fairly spectacularly. From opening track Oh California onwards they delve deep into Americana archetypes... Continue Reading →

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