The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

With Marvel’s cinematic slate somewhat stalled for the last year or so for probably obvious reasons we have been treated to a bit of a break from the MCU, as it had been becoming somewhat overwhelming, and then Wandavision twisted expectation for an MCU TV show rather nicely, but now another series, The Falcon And... Continue Reading →


After a rather refreshing break (albeit one enforced by the various lockdown states around the world over the last year) Marvel Studios have returned for the next ‘phase’ of their ongoing epic with their first series on Disney+, Wandavision. Set in the weeks immediately following Avengers: Endgame the story picks up with Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth... Continue Reading →

It’s A Sin

I’ll admit that, despite the seeming universal praise, going into Russel T. Davies’ latest TV series It’s A Sin, I was sceptical. While I had enjoyed his take on Doctor Who I have struggled with his, at the time groundbreaking, series Queer As Folk since it was first broadcast and so hadn’t really engaged with... Continue Reading →

Watchmen (HBO TV series)

The translation of any Alan Moore related work to the screen has become a subject for concern as, while V For Vendetta and Zack Snyder’s film of Watchmen are at least serviceable, the likes of The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen and From Hell have led Moore to remove himself entirely from the process. So, when... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who: The Macra Terror

Even though the last few years have seen the history of Doctor Who more celebrated and referenced in the current version of the TV series than ever, the early years of the travels of the titular Time Lord remain somewhat mysterious owing to the fact that, due to BBC policy at the time, many of... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who – Series Twelve

After a solid but somewhat hamstrung first series as The Doctor in 2018, where not only was her incarnation of the Time Lord established but the stories of her three new companions too, Jodie Whittaker's version of the character returned for a generally far more successful twelfth series of Doctor Who in 2020. Kicking off... Continue Reading →

Star Wars: The Mandalorian

When The Mandalorian was announced as, in many ways, the key new and original piece of content for the launch of Disney+, a sense of excitement collided head long with something of a feeling of fatigue as it seemed 'the house of mouse' was on the verge of pushing too hard and too fast with... Continue Reading →

Star Trek: Picard

While one big sci-fi franchise with the word 'Star' in its title has been busy throwing its Disney funded weight around multiplexes over the last few years, the other has been staging something of a quieter return first with Star Trek: Discovery on Netflix and now Amazon Prime's Star Trek: Picard. While Discovery has, across... Continue Reading →

Dracula (2020)

For as long as there have been myths of the supernatural, there have been myths of the vampire. Over time the creature has taken various forms but, over the last 130 years, in the west the most enduring has been Bram Stoker's Dracula - from his 1897 novel to the countless film and TV adaptations... Continue Reading →

The Crown: Season 3

I had thought about writing about The Crown after season two but, as I came to it rather late I didn't — now though season three has landed on Netflix so the timing seems more fitting. If you'd told me even two years ago that I'd be gripped by a TV show focussing on the... Continue Reading →

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