House Of The Dragon – Season One

When Game Of Thrones ended back in 2019 it’s fair to say that the response to its denouement was less than enthusiastic and, while I wasn’t as negative about it as some, it still felt like it didn’t live up to the show’s earlier heights, so, when prequel series House Of The Dragon launched in... Continue Reading →

Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99

The concert film come documentary of the original Woodstock in 1969 has become, almost as much as the festival itself, the stuff of legend so, when I saw Trainwreck: Woodstock '99 pop up on Netflix, I was eager to have a look, with both the title and my general knowledge of the event I was... Continue Reading →

The Sandman – Season One

Twenty something years ago, when I first discovered Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman comic series, it seemed widely believed that, despite the success of the early Batman films along with the likes of Blade, X-Men and Spider-Man, this was one ‘graphic novel’ that was unlikely to ever make it to the screen. While this wasn’t because... Continue Reading →


45 years on from the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth The Second and the release of The Sex Pistols landmark single God Save The Queen, England was again rapt by the celebration for the same monarch’s Platinum Jubilee and so, Disney and Fox decided this would be a good time to release Pistol, a dramatised... Continue Reading →

The Beatles: Get Back

Over on the film ranking app Letterboxd it’s par for the course to give movies a star rating out of five (something you’ll notice I don’t do here), but when it came to giving a rating for Peter Jackson’s The Beatles: Get Back I was left somewhat stumped as it is such a unique viewing... Continue Reading →

Des (2020)

Following the seeming glut of ‘true crime’ and serial killer documentaries landing on Netflix over the last couple of years ITV’s drama department looked to get in on the act in 2020 with a dramatised version of the arrest and trial of one of the UK’s most infamous murderers, Dennis Nillsen aka Des. Despite the... Continue Reading →

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

With Marvel’s cinematic slate somewhat stalled for the last year or so for probably obvious reasons we have been treated to a bit of a break from the MCU, as it had been becoming somewhat overwhelming, and then Wandavision twisted expectation for an MCU TV show rather nicely, but now another series, The Falcon And... Continue Reading →


After a rather refreshing break (albeit one enforced by the various lockdown states around the world over the last year) Marvel Studios have returned for the next ‘phase’ of their ongoing epic with their first series on Disney+, Wandavision. Set in the weeks immediately following Avengers: Endgame the story picks up with Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth... Continue Reading →

It’s A Sin

I’ll admit that, despite the seeming universal praise, going into Russel T. Davies’ latest TV series It’s A Sin, I was sceptical. While I had enjoyed his take on Doctor Who I have struggled with his, at the time groundbreaking, series Queer As Folk since it was first broadcast and so hadn’t really engaged with... Continue Reading →

Watchmen (HBO TV series)

The translation of any Alan Moore related work to the screen has become a subject for concern as, while V For Vendetta and Zack Snyder’s film of Watchmen are at least serviceable, the likes of The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen and From Hell have led Moore to remove himself entirely from the process. So, when... Continue Reading →

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