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Well like many other blogs on the big wide world of the internet it takes a look at film, music and, occasionally, books and gives you an opinion on them.

My aim with this blog is give my views on what I see, hear and read in the fair and balanced way I feel they deserve.

With that said a little bit on my philosophy of criticism (which sounds a lot fancier than it really is).

My aim is take anything from a fair perspective and give my honest opinions on them whether they are already perceived as classics, are new releases or are generally considered as utter rubbish — it has to be said I already don’t like quite a few so-called classic records and films and definitely have a soft spot for the rubbish but entertaining.

While I will not be focussing on any specific genres or styles my writing will follow my natural artistic inclinations so there is likely to be a random selection of movies and rock ‘n’ roll records, alongside blockbuster movies and whatever music may happen to take my fancy, which spans a lot of things and hopefully will continue to expand, and books wise is likely to be a lot of film and music related things, along with comics.

There may also be blogs on random other subjects as they come up, but we shall see what happens there!

You can follow me on Twitter for all my random thoughts which don’t make a full blog, as well as bits that might, by checking out @TomGirard, and I have a YouTube channel as well.

Away from here I have been presenting and producing BBC Introducing Guernsey, a part of the UK wide BBC Introducing network, since its launch in 2008 (as well as producing online content in a similar context since 2006) and write regular music reviews for the The Guernsey Press as well as occasional music reviews for other publications.

I also play my own (and other people’s) music as The Phantom Cosmonaut, armed with a Gretsch guitar I span rock ‘n’ roll, folk and punk to create what I hope is my own sound. You can follow The Phantom Cosmonaut on Twitter @FantomCosmonaut and find me on YouTube and Soundcloud as well.

And I play guitar, as well as sometimes singing and writing songs, for Stalk The Lantern, a four piece pop-rock band with one foot in rock and one in country, you can follow us on Twitter @StalkTheLantern.

All views and opinions posted on this blog are mine and not those of any of the companies or organisations I work for.

And here is The Phantom Cosmonaut’s current demo EP:

2 thoughts on “About

  1. myreelpov says:

    Hey! You are in the most recent 15 people that I have followed so have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  2. Brett says:


    Would you like to receive digital promos from Cardinal Fuzz? We are a UK based label that specialises in Psych / kraut / spacerock / garage / drone / fuzz.

    We have released albums by The Heads, Mugstar, Kikagaku Moyo, Cult Of Dom Keller, Dead Sea Apes, Lantern, The Shine Brothers, Cosmic Dead and loads more

    If you are interested in receiving digital promos drop me a line at cardinalfuzzpress@gmail.com


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