Back To The Future

All of us have films that bring back that feeling of pure nostalgia from childhood, for my generation those usually include the likes of Ghostbusters, the original Star Wars movies, Indiana Jones and the Back To The Future trilogy. Having recently picked up the latter series on Blu-Ray I figured it was time for a... Continue Reading →


Frank Zappa is one of those musicians it feels like I’ve just always known about, however he’s not someone I’ve ever really consciously listened to or actually, it turns out, known that much about. My knowledge of Zappa then pretty much went that he was a musician who, with his band The Mothers Of Invention,... Continue Reading →

Die Hard With A Vengeance

After Die Hard 2: Die Harder the makers of the third instalment in the series really leaned into the subtitles idea, dropping the number and simply calling it Die Hard With A Vengeance, which suits the film to a tee. Having enjoyed Die Hard 2 more than I recalled I was really looking forward to... Continue Reading →

From Hell (2001)

I have, in the past, posted about Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s groundbreaking graphic novel exploration of the Jack The Ripper Murders, From Hell, however it’s been a long time since I sat down and watched the movie based on it, The Hughes Brothers 2001 Johnny Depp doing an accent vehicle, From Hell. Unfortunately, having... Continue Reading →

Inglourious Basterds (2009)

‘Once upon a time in Nazi occupied France...’ It’s not often I start with a direct quote from a film but the opening caption of Quentin Tarantino’s 6th canonical movie, 2009’s Inglourious Basterds (not to be confused with Enzo G. Castellari’s The Inglorious Bastards from which the name was borrowed), captures its mood and tone... Continue Reading →

Die Hard 2: Die Harder

While I’ve seen the original film in the series countless times and it’s one of my favourites as well as an outright genre classic, the other instalments have had less airtime with me so this is probably only my third (or maybe even second) proper watch of Die Hard 2 (in some places excellently subtitled... Continue Reading →

Jim And Andy: The Great Beyond

Earlier in the year I watched Milos Forman’s 1999 biopic of Andy Kaufman, the Jim Carrey starring, Man On The Moon and, while I didn’t find the greatest film ever made, there’s no denying Carey’s performance was something unique so why it’s taken me quite so long to get to Jim And Andy: The Great... Continue Reading →

The Straight Story

As I continue my (appropriately for this movie) slow and gradual watching of all of David Lynch’s major movies I’ve come to his 1999 drama, The Straight Story, which, I’d been widely led to believe, was the least Lynch and most ‘normal’ of the bunch and something of a palette cleanser after Lost Highway. As... Continue Reading →

The Beatles: Get Back

Over on the film ranking app Letterboxd it’s par for the course to give movies a star rating out of five (something you’ll notice I don’t do here), but when it came to giving a rating for Peter Jackson’s The Beatles: Get Back I was left somewhat stumped as it is such a unique viewing... Continue Reading →

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