Bohemian Rhapsody

As it had already been out for a few weeks before I headed into the cinema to see it plenty of opinions had been flying around about Freddie Mercury biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody. These ranged from utter disgust and near hate for it to almost the exact opposite - as you might expect my view falls... Continue Reading →

Hotel Artemis

Every now and then a film comes along that cuts off all the extraneous elements to present a tight and enjoyable ride that may not tax the mind but is perfect for an entertaining evening with friends. In horror you can see this, arguably, with Halloween and certainly with later slasher fair, in action it began... Continue Reading →

They Shall Not Grow Old

When I first heard about They Will Not Grow Old, the new documentary about the First World War from director Peter Jackson, I'll admit I was cynical. After all, how many films have been made about this, telling us about the horrors of the war and futility in 'going over the top', of how the... Continue Reading →

John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978)

By the late 1970s the horror movie had reached one of its natural tipping points as the so-called 'grindhouse' style of earlier in the decade, the likes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I Spit On Your Grave and Last House On The Left, had broken new, and extreme ground in the American branch of the... Continue Reading →

Deadpool 2

Given the general law of diminishing returns, or at least more of the same, feeling surrounding recent comic book move sequels, I have to say I put Deadpool 2 (for the record, the extended 'Super Duper' cut) into the Blu-ray player with a general sense of low expectations. While the pre-credits sequence and the James... Continue Reading →


I think it's fair to say that Spike Lee comes with a certain reputation when it comes to making films that deal with issues around race, so, going into BlackKkKlansman there was a fair amount of expectation and assumption already in place. Added to this was the marketing around the true story on which it was... Continue Reading →

Ghost Stories

The portmanteau horror film was something of a mainstay back in the days of Hammer horror in the 1960s and 70s where several shorter tales were combined to make one feature-length movie, generally linked by some kind of thematic device, be it a simple presenter/storyteller or something more inventive. Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman's Ghost... Continue Reading →

The Maltese Falcon

A little while ago I read and re-watched the tale that many discuss as being the peak of film noir (and its literary equivalent hard-boiled), The Big Sleep. With the down at heel detective, glamorous femme fatale and tale of intrigue and murder it's hard to argue against it. However, four years before that film... Continue Reading →

Heathers – 30th Anniversary Screening

Back in 1988 the teen movie as we would recognise it today had, arguably, reached its peak with the likes of The Breakfast Club. So it only seems right that someone took the opportunity to send it up. What director Michael Lehmann and writer Daniel Walters did with Heathers though was, rather than spoofing the conventions of... Continue Reading →

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