SpaceSoul – Volume 1

SpaceSoul are a band who’ve appeared seemingly apropos of nothing on the Guernsey music scene with a debut EP, Volume 1, before a big gig opening for Plastic Mermaids and Volleyball later in the year. From a brief burst of Black Sabbath-esque storm sound the EP opens with a self-titled track where relaxed guitars are... Continue Reading →

China Aster – If I Could Dance

A decade ago, when this blog first launched, China Aster was a name you may have seen appear on a reasonably regular basis being a young three or four piece indie band and now, after a lengthy break, it’s something of a surprise and a pleasure, to say they have returned with a new single... Continue Reading →

Sick Militia – The Next War

Before you even get to the music from Sick Militia it’s pretty clear what you might be in for on their debut album, The Next War, with song titles like Pray For Death, Horrors Of War, Death Marches and Constant State Of Fear, some particularly brutal artwork and the band being made up of members... Continue Reading →

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