Out Of The Box – Various Artists

Every few years it seems someone strikes on the idea of releasing a compilation album celebrating something of Guernsey's music scene. From the Guernsey Rock Album in the early 1980s through Twist Records GBG series they have acted as a glimpse into what's happening in the island's 'scene' at a specific moment in time. New... Continue Reading →

2018 Summer of Music in Guernsey

I'm sure it's a trend I've mentioned in the past but more than ever the 'summer festival season' in Guernsey is, like it's larger counterparts in the U.K. and Europe, getting longer and more packed each year. Barely a weekend went by without some event happening and calling itself a festival somewhere in the Bailiwick... Continue Reading →

Joe Corbin – Brixton Sky EP

A little over a decade ago, when I first began reporting on music in Guernsey, one name was going round as being the next big thing to watch, particularly as a guitarist, Joe (then going by JJ) Corbin. At the time 'JJ' was fronting The Spitshine Blues Band and going about as far against the... Continue Reading →

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