Granite Wolf – Vanta Skies

Back in November 2021 Granite Wolf dropped a pair of singles in preparation for the release of their debut EP/mini-album but of course the obvious things hit the band so plans were put in hold but now, in 2022, they’ve wasted no time in getting the record out and so, through L’Islet Records, we can... Continue Reading →

Subliminal Girls – Vanity Project

Back in the mid to late 2000s a few Guernsey boys (Jim Rhesus, Danny Le Pelley and Jimmy 2 Shoes), along with a few others, based in London gained a modicum of recognition with a string of banging indie disco singles (highlights being Burn Koko and their take on Duran Duran’s Hungry Like The Wolf)... Continue Reading →

Back To The Future

All of us have films that bring back that feeling of pure nostalgia from childhood, for my generation those usually include the likes of Ghostbusters, the original Star Wars movies, Indiana Jones and the Back To The Future trilogy. Having recently picked up the latter series on Blu-Ray I figured it was time for a... Continue Reading →


Frank Zappa is one of those musicians it feels like I’ve just always known about, however he’s not someone I’ve ever really consciously listened to or actually, it turns out, known that much about. My knowledge of Zappa then pretty much went that he was a musician who, with his band The Mothers Of Invention,... Continue Reading →

Die Hard With A Vengeance

After Die Hard 2: Die Harder the makers of the third instalment in the series really leaned into the subtitles idea, dropping the number and simply calling it Die Hard With A Vengeance, which suits the film to a tee. Having enjoyed Die Hard 2 more than I recalled I was really looking forward to... Continue Reading →

Mike Meinke – Mapacho EP

Over the last two years Mike Meinke has put together a new band to expand on his solo work releasing a couple of singles along with live outings on the way, and now a debut EP, Mapacho. From the off it’s clear that the band, made up of Meinke on vocals and guitar, Charlie Holmes... Continue Reading →

From Hell (2001)

I have, in the past, posted about Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s groundbreaking graphic novel exploration of the Jack The Ripper Murders, From Hell, however it’s been a long time since I sat down and watched the movie based on it, The Hughes Brothers 2001 Johnny Depp doing an accent vehicle, From Hell. Unfortunately, having... Continue Reading →

Apothis – The Note Read

The last year and half has seen Apothis stake their claim as the new metal band to watch on the Guernsey music scene, helping reinvigorate the heavy side of music in the island with their live shows and now they’ve dropped their debut single, The Note Read. A dirty drums and bass intro quickly ushers... Continue Reading →

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