Frank Turner – Be More Kind

At least since his second album, Love, Ire And Song, Frank Turner has been accompanied by a permanent full band, The Sleeping Souls, but it was on his past two outings, Tape Deck Heart and Positive Songs For Negative People, that this full band sound really took over from the solo singer-songwriter style that made... Continue Reading →

JFK: Directors Cut

Oliver Stone's JFK is one of those films that has firmly lodged itself into popular culture. While some films are there because of how good they are, and some because of how bad, JFK seems to be there because of the ideas it brought into the mainstream. Whether these ideas are true or otherwise is... Continue Reading →

Ghost – Prequelle

Swedish heavy metallers Ghost started life as something of a bizarre pastiche of the world of Scandinavian heavy metal, but dealt with in a serious and non-mocking manner. Their debut, Opus Eponymous, was clearly influenced by Danish black metal pioneers Mercyful Fate and King Diamond with, if anything, even more pronounced themes of black magic... Continue Reading →

The Limit Club – Painless (single)

For over a decade Nick Feratu and his band of rock 'n' roll misfits, The Limit Club, have been carving out a niche for themselves in the punk and rockabilly scenes of America's south-west. In that time they've played shows alongside the likes of Tiger Army while touring both in the US and Europe. Now,... Continue Reading →

Churchill (2017)

It feels somewhat like I've come to Jonathan Teplitzky's Churchill backwards as, spurred on by The Crown, Dunkirk and Darkest Hour, I thought it would provide another interesting view into this part of early-to-mid 20th century history, even though it was released before at least two of those others. Unfortunately, while it sounds like an... Continue Reading →

Of Empires – Suzie

Hot on the heels of double a-side Waist Up In Gold/Gunslingers¬†in March,¬†Of Empires are back with another single, Suzie. While it remains firmly placed in the 60s retro stylings of their last few releases, Suzie sees the Brighton based rock 'n' rollers in lighter mood with much sweeter tones and harmonies replacing their recent dark... Continue Reading →

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Less than six months after The Last Jedi kicked up a fuss with many we are back in the Star Wars universe, but this time before the events of A New Hope to find out how Han Solo got his trousers... ok so that's a bit of an in joke but in Solo: A Star... Continue Reading →

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