Alfie Butel – Over N Over

Jerseyman Alfie Butel has continued his run of singles in June 2022 with Over N Over. From the off it’s clear a summer release is perfect for this one as it has summer vibes stamped all over it from its synth backing to the layers of brass, guitars and more than build up in eminently... Continue Reading →

Mark Le Gallez – Mark Two

Since the release of his debut solo album, Mark One, some four decades ago Mark Le Gallez has had quite a musical career - from touring California with mod power pop band The Risk, to dalliances with psychedelic indie around Europe with The Sacred Hearts, kicking up a garage rock storm closer to home and... Continue Reading →

Sam Brace – Fever And Bones

If you’ve heard of Sam Brace up to this point it’s likely due to his role as guitarist for folk punk outfit Skinny Lister but now, with the band’s touring having been on hiatus for the obvious reasons over the last couple of years, he’s found the time to put out a solo album, with... Continue Reading →

Pride Movies (June 2022)

Following a suggestion made recently over on my Facebook page by a member of Channel Island's LGBTQ+ charity Liberate (though I'll be clear this is in no way related to the charity beyond that and this is all my thoughts and interpretation) I thought I’d take a look back through some of my past film... Continue Reading →


45 years on from the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth The Second and the release of The Sex Pistols landmark single God Save The Queen, England was again rapt by the celebration for the same monarch’s Platinum Jubilee and so, Disney and Fox decided this would be a good time to release Pistol, a dramatised... Continue Reading →

Bloomfield – ALWFN B-Sides

A little under a year on from the release of their debut EP, A Long Wait For Nothing, Guernsey based pop punkers Bloomfield are back with a three track EP billed as that records ‘B-Sides’, ALWFN B-Sides. Live favourite Rearrange opens things with a classic Blink-182 or New Found Glory type pop punk song that... Continue Reading →

Milk (2008)

A couple of weeks ago, coincidentally on Harvey Milk Day, I watched the 1984 documentary The Times Of Harvey Milk for the first time and, as well as being a terrific movie in its own right, it got me wanting to revisit Gus Van Sant’s 2008 dramatised telling of similar events, Milk, which I now... Continue Reading →

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