Bloomfield – ALWFN B-Sides

A little under a year on from the release of their debut EP, A Long Wait For Nothing, Guernsey based pop punkers Bloomfield are back with a three track EP billed as that records ‘B-Sides’, ALWFN B-Sides.

Live favourite Rearrange opens things with a classic Blink-182 or New Found Glory type pop punk song that takes me back to the early 2000s, but with Bloomfield own twist as hyper speed drums drive an anthemic pop punk chorus that should be greeted with circle pits and singalongs aplenty.

One Hand Around My Neck, The Other On My Heart introduces a more emo sound to proceedings with a mix of Alkaline Trio and fellow Guernsey band Burning At Both Ends that no doubt speaks directly to their friends and fans in its subject but has something for us ageing emos too and wastes no time making its point before finishing in classic punk style.

Then we get something of a departure to round off the EP with an acoustic guitar and piano intro to an acoustic take on their song Eulogy.

This does an amazing job of revealing not just the great song but the emotion and vulnerability in frontman Francesco’s delivery as well as the musical talents of the rest of the band with clearer backing vocals, the aforementioned piano, mournful trumpet, more subtle guitar work and more all coming into play.


This rounds off a set of three songs that really show off the variety of sounds Bloomfield are capable of making and, while clearly something of a stop gap before whatever comes next, shows why they are attracting the attention they are on the island’s scene which deserves to spread far further.

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