June 2021 Playlist

Playlist Montage - June 2021

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A varied set of additions to the playlist this month including some exciting new stuff, some classics and maybe a couple of slightly less well known tracks.

Of the new stuff I’m particularly exciting to be able to include a brand new single from The Wildhearts, as well as the debut release from Grace And Elliott and new stuff from Bloomfield, Clameur De Haro, Mike Meinke and Coastal Fire Dept.

After watching Oliver Stone’s The Doors a few weeks back I have a classic from the Los Angeles band while I’ve got something from Metallica’s ‘Black Album’ as they gear up for its 30th anniversary and along with those I’ve got stuff from The 69 Eyes and a band I was meant to see live this month, My Chemical Romance… hopefully next year.

As usual the Spotify playlist is embedded below or you can click here to go straight to it.


  • Grace And Elliott – Beauty Queen (single)
  • Clameur De Haro – Iron Pushang (from their self-titled album)
  • Bloomfield – Eulogy (from A Long Wait For Nothing)
  • The Wildhearts – Remember These Days (single)
  • Mike Meinke – Secret Information (single)
  • The Doors – L.A. Woman (from L.A. Woman)
  • My Chemical Romance – Party Poison (from Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys)
  • The 69 Eyes – Perfect Skin (from Angels)
  • Metallica – Sad But True (from Metallica aka ‘The Black Album’)
  • Coastal Fire Dept – Gun (single)

For my bonus video this month it’s one that hadn’t made it to Spotify as I was compiling this, another debut single, this time from The Nightmares, The Rudeboy

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