Black Paint Is Wet and Bloomfield – The Vault – 29/05/21

Black Paint Is Wet
Black Paint Is Wet

It’s a sign of the good health of Guernsey’s music scene that, with two festivals of sorts happening around the islands, there was still room for a show from a pair of new, up and coming bands to not only take place, but attract a good crowd too, as Black Paint Is Wet and Bloomfield took to the stage at The Vault.

Bloomfield started things off as they prepared for the release of their second single and sounded big and tight from the off, soon getting the crowd down in front of the stage.


Debut single Clay sounded as much like a hit live tonight as it does on record and, with a set made up of mostly originals, they hinted at even more great music to come from the band who were as tight as you could want and showed they’ve already taken a step forward from previous outings (and they still have less than a handful of public shows under their belts).

With a confidence that built across the set they showed all the signs of being ones to watch going forward and, as they closed with new single Eulogy, it’s clear they are building a strong following and I’d love to see them on a festival stage on a sunny afternoon with a big crowd bouncing along.

Black Paint Is Wet
Black Paint Is Wet

Taking to stage with their guitarist and bassist wearing ‘MAGA’ caps I wasn’t sure what we were going to get from Black Paint Is Wet, and a certain song by Dead Kennedys came to mind before they even played a note, but, as they played a set packed with Rage Against The Machine tracks and ended with a rally against the Conservative party I can only assume these were worn ironically, or maybe they were the modern equivalent of Sid Vicious’ ill conceived swastika armbands and tshirt…

Regardless of sartorial choices, opening track Claude, the first of a few originals, had a great angular eccentricity that was nicely energetic and engaging.

While the band lacked something of a sonic depth for their various covers, including the aforementioned Rage, Nirvana and (slightly at odds) Arctic Monkeys, they made up for it somewhat with some great energy that saw both their singer and guitarist head off stage a few times and get the crowd going.

Black Paint Is Wet
Black Paint Is Wet

The high point of the set came with the last three songs (including an encore) which featured a pair of original songs, Karen Invasion and aforementioned Tory baiter Boris’ Johnson, which continued the slightly obscure eccentricity of Claude really bringing the band’s own character out and being the most engaging moments.

While Black Paint Is Wet have more shows under their belts the order of bands tonight felt a little backwards as Bloomfield felt like the more accomplished act, especially with the looming single release, but either way it made for a good night and once again showed the strength of new talent coming up on the island.

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