June 2021 Playlist

Click here to listen to the playlist A varied set of additions to the playlist this month including some exciting new stuff, some classics and maybe a couple of slightly less well known tracks. Of the new stuff I’m particularly exciting to be able to include a brand new single from The Wildhearts, as well... Continue Reading →

Bloomfield – A Long Wait For Nothing

When new pop punkers Bloomfield dropped their debut single, Clay, last month its fair to say they piqued the interest of many and now, following second single Eulogy, their debut EP, A Long Wait For Nothing, has landed to quite some expectation. The same great pop punk sound that marked Clay is there from the... Continue Reading →

The Nightmares – The Rudeboy

As I said in my review of their single launch show, Guernsey indie rock ‘n’ roll six piece The Nightmares have spent the last year or so solidifying not just their name (having previously been known as The Beautiful Nightmares) but their line up and their sound and, with the release of debut single, The... Continue Reading →

Mike Meinke – Secret Information

Over the last year, while making occasional higher profile performances with Buffalo Huddleston, Mike Meinke has been busy building a reputation for his new band with The Honest Crooks and SkySkrapers bass man Charlie Holmes and Brunt and Lord Vapour (amongst others) drummer, Squirrel, and they’ve now dropped their first single, Secret Information. While it’s... Continue Reading →

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