Dad’s Army (2016)

Since it’s release back in 2016 I’d been curious about this new, big screen, version of Jimmy Perry and David Croft’s 1970s TV sitcom, Dad’s Army so as it’s recently appeared on Netflix I thought I’d finally give it a watch. The original Dad’s Army TV series was something of a fixture of my youth... Continue Reading →

Grace And Elliott – Beauty Queen

Last summer a new duo appeared on Guernsey’s music scene, Grace And Elliott (known separately for their work elsewhere with the likes of Track Not Found and Brunt), playing a brand of relaxed, alternative indie not so often heard with captivating versions of tracks by bands like Placebo, The New Time and others and now... Continue Reading →

The Doors (1991)

My experience of the films of Oliver Stone isn’t all that big (I think I've only properly seen JFK), however there’s no denying that he’s a director who comes with a reputation (good and bad) and his 1991 movie The Doors is accompanied by similar, but given that I’ve always found a lot to like... Continue Reading →

May 2021 Playlist

Click here to listen now on Spotify It’s been an odd month for me musically but nonetheless there’s been a lot going on. First of all there’s been a raft of brand new stuff including the debut single from pop punkers Bloomfield, the self-titled debut album by metallers From Darkness, a new single and EP... Continue Reading →

Le Montais – Zillennial

Over the last year or so Le Montais has established herself firmly as one to watch emerging from the Jersey music scene (and was listed as such by BBC Music Introducing In The Channel Islands at the start of 2021) and now she is seeking to solidify that reputation with the release of her debut... Continue Reading →

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