Bloomfield – Clay

Bloomfield - Clay - cover artwork

As a band, Guernsey based five-piece Bloomfield have only been around, in the public eye at least, for a couple of months and have less than a handful of live outings under their belt.

They are, however, made up of members of various other past and current bands (including Case On The Base and Apothis) so it should be no surprise that, with debut single Clay, they seem to have appeared far more fully formed than most.

The single pulls together all the things that their few gigs have highlighted into a tight two and a half minute package, so there’s a good dose of pop punk with suggestions of emo and post-hardcore too, making them feel somewhat like a younger brother band to Burning At Both Ends.

Bloomfield - band shot

At points Clay has a great upbeat vibe that feels like it will soon have summer audiences bouncing, while it also shows a slower side with harmonies coming into play, demonstrating some great songwriting for such a young band.

Along with the single comes a video that has something of the feel of many mid-2000s DIY pop punk promos (so its a great bit of nostalgia for me) but with a modern sensibility that fits the music very well.

Clay then leaves the listener wanting more while firmly setting out a stall of what we can expect from Bloomfield going forward, and I think that will be exciting to hear.

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