Buffalo Huddleston – Bubble

Buffalo Huddleston - Bubble - single artworkThe word ‘bubble’ is one that has probably taken on a new meaning for many of us over the past year, particularly in Guernsey where our release from pandemic related lockdowns and then our lives after those have been somewhat governed by which ‘bubble’ we are existing in, whether it be our ‘household bubble’, our ‘support bubble’ or up to our ‘Bailiwick bubble’.

Whether Buffalo Huddleston were intentionally referencing this when writing their new track, Bubble, I’m not sure, but it’s likely it was there subconsciously at least, and what they have created is a lesson in relaxed, uplifting, personal exploration.

As you might expect, if you’re familiar with the band’s past output, the track is firmly rooted in their brand of self styled ‘folk-hop’ with upright bass and violins mixing with acoustic guitar, reggae like vocals, hip-hop style beats and MC delivery.

Mike and Tom of Buffalo Huddleston
Mike and Tom of Buffalo Huddleston

All of this combines into something truly transporting to listen to and, while it doesn’t have the upbeat, dance along, feel or some of their past favourites is possibly even better for it.

In the lyrics meanwhile, from both frontman Mike Meinke and MC Jull-z, the band explore the idea of a personal bubble with a focus of personal self improvement that is quietly inspirational and uplifting.

Following hot on the heels of Meinke’s Lazy Day single, Buffalo Huddleston’s Bubble is once again a chilled and uplifting track that brings to mind warm summer days, something that is very good to hear given our current situation which is one I’m sure many, near and far, can relate to right now.

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