Mike Meinke – Lazy Day

Mike Meinke - Lazy Day - single artworkSince getting somewhat marooned back in Guernsey a year ago, away from his then touring band, The Other World, who were back in France, Mike Meinke quickly reestablished himself on the local scene with not just solo shows and ones with old band Buffalo Huddleston, but also with a new three piece band too.

Now, following Don’t Worry About No Money back in summer 2020, he’s back on record with another single, Lazy Day.

A light folk style guitar line welcomes us in and from the off it’s clear that the title sums up the feel of the song perfectly.

As his voice comes in the folk sound is given something of a relaxed reggae twang and the whole song takes on an attitude that is the epitome of relaxed, in fact in some of the instrumental parts it could easily be a kind of meditation music.

Mike Meinke 2021
Mike Meinke

As it goes on we are treated to some brilliantly impressive intricate and precise finger work on the guitar while the whole thing brings a great free and summery vibe to a cold, once again locked down, winter and in this it is transporting on top of which it has a great message of letting go and, to quote the lyrics, ‘leave the hustlin’ for another day’.

Lazy Day then continues Mike Meinke’s run of songs that combine a message of escapism from daly stresses with a summery and relaxed vibe that has become his trademark and, if all goes to plan with the release of lockdown, could easily become the soundtrack of spring and summer.

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