August 2022 Playlist

August has seen me finding music from brand new releases, live shows and, in a couple of cases, a particularly interesting documentary film for my playlist update (which you can listen to by clicking here). For the new stuff I’ve got tracks from WAXX!, Hallan, Jack White, Phoebe Over, Ginger Wildheart & The Sinners, Llewellyn... Continue Reading →

January 2022 Playlist

Click here to listen on Spotify A new year and a new big playlist of things I’ve been listening to that I aim to update monthly - in a change to past years though I’m not going to limit myself to 10 tracks and will just post however many feels right, but still aiming for... Continue Reading →

Buffalo Huddleston – Mr Cloud

As a band Buffalo Huddleston have been somewhat quieter than usual over the last year or so but when they have gigged they continue to go down a storm and attract large crowds, however it came as something of a surprise when a new single, Mr Cloud, appeared just before Christmas 2021. While the single... Continue Reading →

February 2021 Playlist

Click here to listen to the full playlist in Spotify A full month back in lockdown has obviously meant a (hopefully temporary) end to live shows but that hasn’t meant that new music hasn’t kept coming through. So, in the brand new stuff area, I’ve got a track from the new album by Gregory Harrison... Continue Reading →

Buffalo Huddleston – Bubble

The word ‘bubble’ is one that has probably taken on a new meaning for many of us over the past year, particularly in Guernsey where our release from pandemic related lockdowns and then our lives after those have been somewhat governed by which 'bubble' we are existing in, whether it be our ‘household bubble’, our... Continue Reading →

The Other World – The Silver Tree EP

A little under a year ago guitarist and singer-songwriter Mike Meinke released With My Headphone's In under the banner of Mike's Magic Trip that saw him taking the sonic template he established leading Buffalo Huddleston in a slightly different direction, including teaming up with harpist Alicia Du Coustel on a few tracks. Now, he and... Continue Reading →

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