Brunt (album review)

BruntA few weeks ago Guernsey-based stoner rock trio Brunt unleashed their debut album on the world.

Across five tracks the band’s style of instrumental sludge is something a bit different for music in Guernsey and has already made quite a mark on the live scene with shows at the islands two biggest music festivals, Chaos and the Vale Earth Fair, as well as many other gigs besides.

The album was recorded by Lifejacket Studios and is available via the band’s bandcamp page along with some rather snazzy t-shirts featuring versions of the artwork that was released in limited edition along with early copies of the music.

My review was published in The Guernsey Press on Thursday 29th May 2014:

Brunt review scan - 29:05:14and here’s a little preview of what the band actually sound like:


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