Anything Goes Volume Three

Anything Goes Volume ThreeIf you happen to have brought anything from the Guernsey/Lincoln based clothing brand Anything Goes Apparel anytime over summer 2014 you may have been lucky enough to have a CD slipped in the packaging along with your t-shirt, shorts or whatever else you might have ordered.

Harking back to the independent labels of the 90s and early 2000s the CD is a sampler of music from bands endorsed, or simply enjoyed, by the guys behind Anything Goes with a good lot of the stuff being from either of the brand’s two bases.

As it’s a compilation its hard to review it as a whole, other than to say it’s a selection spanning most forms of alternative rock out there at the moment, so here’s a track-by-track run down:

Bad Ideas – Shells and Stones
Based out of Leeds, Bad Ideas start the compilation off strong with a track that combines elements of The Gaslight Anthem and Against Me!’s New Wave-era material that is some solid rock with a bit of an edge, that, if a little derivative, could certainly find a way into the mainstream.

The Mithered – I Don’t Understand
Nottingham’s The Mithered continue the comparatively mainstream sound with some jangly guitar based indie that brings to mind the more authentic side of the mid-90s ‘Brit’ movement. It might be a bit slow and low-key but shows a certain promise in a Morrissey/Smiths kind of vein.


Lifejacket – Meanwhile In Hollywood
Previewing their upcoming album, Guernsey based hard indie band Lifejacket are something of a slap in the face with their embittered assault on the cult of celebrity. Like much of their material, Meanwhile In Hollywood combines bitingly constructed lyrics with pounding drums and bass and power drill guitars to create a very distinctive sound.

From Bedrooms To Backseats – The Dark Passenger
Taken from their Bow Down EP From Bedrooms To Backseats here are at their most balanced with The Dark Passenger. Combining metalcore guitars with clean vocals it captures the Guernsey band at their peak.
(Read my full review of their EP here).

Last of the Light Brigade – Stimulator
Adding a dance beat to their usual indie-rock, Stimulator is a new direction for Last of the Brigade who have been plying their trade in various guises since their youth in Guernsey. Taken from their Last Laugh album the song captures the best of the band with a sound that has constantly threatened to take the band to the next level.
(Read my full review of their album here).

Matt of Ferox
Matt of Ferox

Ferox – Insides Out At The Mortuary Gates
Recently re-released the debut album from this Guernsey death metal outfit is one of the most brutal recordings to come out of the island. This title track sees the band at their slowest and heaviest but is still largely based in screaming guitars, blast beat drums and guttural vocals that is as uncompromising as you’d expect from a band with other song titles like Rancid Abortion Chorus and Raped Beheaded Dismembered Fucked.
(Read my full review of their album here).

They Say Fall – Ivy
North Lincolnshire five piece They Say Fall come from a similar musical background as From Bedrooms To Backseats as they mix rock and post-hardcore/metalcore sounds on Ivy. Unlike the Guernsey boys this song is a much considered numbered with quite a dose of hard rock thrown in with the more modern sounding guitars and a slower pace, though it does also have its more hardcore moments too that makes for a nice balance across the track that builds into a suitably noisy crescendo.

The New Tusk – Holland
Jersey’s The New Tusk provide something of a lo-fi relief next as they combine sounds akin to Reuben and fellow islanders FallenizzaHorsepower on Holland. While the lo-fi nature of the sound, seemingly by choice, leads to a certain muddiness that makes different parts hard to distinguish this is some excellently nod-worth dirty sounding indie punk.

Terrics – Better In The Abstract
Reading’s Terrics have a pop-punk sound right from the early 2000s with hints of the likes of New Found Glory, Less Than Jake and, adding some more depth, Alkaline Trio. While it may not be the most current sound going there is still something to be said for this kind of pop-punk as being a great antidote to much of the more heavy and serious and music out there.


Brunt – The Tale Of The Hideous Tricorn
Instrumental stoner-doom is order of the day from Guernsey three-piece Brunt who’s The Tale Of The Hideous Tricorn captures the essence of their debut album brilliantly. What we get here is slow, fuzzy, sludgy and groovy and, while its never going to be a mainstream favourite, its well worth checking out if you’re a fan of the likes of Electric Wizard.
(Read my full review of their album here).

Subversion – Equilibrium
Sounding like Muse and Foo Fighters having a dust-up without a clear outcome, Guernsey’s Subversion deliver a dose of fine pop-rock with Equilibrium. From this track it’s clear to see why the band have made the crossover on the island’s live scene to playing to wider ‘pub’ audiences and, based on this, their sound shows potential if they can add their own unique flavour to the mix.

Unbeliever – Culture Is Not Your Friend
Based in Brighton, with a couple of Guernsey boys in the mix, Unbeliever combine tech-metal and hardcore and here unleash a short, sharp, shock of impassioned punk-metal that has a point to make and point to prove and does so in vicious fashion.


Evarane – Critic
While it has a tried and tested theme, Critic by Essex band Evarane is musically a fine slice of synth infused pop-rock. The band have been on the up over the last couple of years with appearances on Scuzz TV and some reasonably major support slots under their belts. It’s clear to see why here as we get catchy hooks, modern pop-rock tones and classic guitar solos combining to create a reasonably stand out sound.

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