From Darkness – Self-titled

When From Darkness first burst onto the Guernsey music scene in 2018 I made no secret of the fact that their attempt at uncompromising heavy metal did little for me, filled, as it was at the time, with what felt like too much of a streak of posing arrogance and ‘trying too hard’ to be... Continue Reading →

Clameur De Haro – Self-titled

Seven years ago, at the Sark Folk Festival, Clameur De Haro added themselves to the tradition of bands from the Bailiwick of Guernsey who take what could sound like a novelty approach to their music, focussing on aspects of local life run through a folk and country filter, but make it something more than that.... Continue Reading →

Meat Loaf – Bat Out Of Hell

Other than a mention in a list of landmark albums I’m not sure how much my appreciation for the music of Meat Loaf has been obvious across my writing here or elsewhere, but it is something that has very much informed my musical interests from when I very first started getting into any form of... Continue Reading →

Laura Jane Grace – Stay Alive

I’ve said it before and no doubt will say it again but the last year or so has been particularly tumultuous pretty much everywhere around the world and, on her recent solo album Stay Alive, Laura Jane Grace has captured something of that, and the thoughts and feelings that go along with it. Starting in... Continue Reading →

Gregory Harrison – 109

Almost five years ago Gregory Harrison released his self-titled solo debut EP to much acclaim within Guernsey’s music scene and further afield, but since then his solo endeavours have taken something of a back seat as he focussed on being part of The Recks. Since the band have gone on something of a hiatus following... Continue Reading →

Coastal Fire Dept – Connected

Hot on the heels of their Radio EP, Coastal Fire Dept. are back with the album, their second, that EP was hinting towards, Connected. The record opens with something rather like old school modem noises, hinting at one meaning of the title, which morph into the guitars of the heavy and fuzzy variety, somewhat welcoming... Continue Reading →

Demise Of Sanity – Nine Realms

Jersey based metallers Demise Of Sanity have been around for the best part of decade gradually making their mark on the Channel Islands music scene and, in that time, they’ve released a few albums and EPs but there’s a feeling that their latest, Nine Realms, (which came out just before Christmas 2020) is a step... Continue Reading →

CJ Wildheart – Siege

2020 has definitely been the year when the ‘lockdown record’ (or lockdown album, EP or single) has become a recognisable thing, so, adding their work to that canon, comes CJ Wildheart with new album Siege. In past, from bands like The Jellies and CJ & The Satellites to a few more recent solo albums, CJ... Continue Reading →

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