Granite Wolf – Death Calls Us Home

Granite Wolf - Death Calls Us Home - single artwork

Granite Wolf have been tearing Guernsey’s live music scene a new one (so to speak) for a good few years now with their trademark riffs, beer and whisky fuelled performances but this is the first time they’ve committed anything to ‘tape’ and, with Death Calls Us Home, are giving us a taste of their upcoming full release.

A brief, hyperspeed, trip around Dan Garnham’s drum kit puts us under starters orders and then we’re off to the races for an unrelenting, two and half minute, blast of hardcore and heavy metal with a dual guitar attack from Mark Mercier and James Ogier and bass groove from Robert Domaille.

Granite Wolf
Granite Wolf

All four lock into a great groove with Mercier’s guitar breaking out from time to time for brief lead bursts as Tom Domaille, aka Shinfo, (recently heard on L’Islet Records label mates Coastal Fire Dept’s single Gun) screams his way over the top in really impressive fashion.

The clarity of the recording and production, thanks to Apocalypse Studios, helps build on the band’s already formidable live sound and, while I might like things with a little more roughness, it’s hard to argue with when it sounds this good.

Granite Wolf
Granite Wolf

With Death Calls Us Home, Granite Wolf have unleashed a brief blast of metalcore, wasting no time in battering the listener with riffs and groove, all to whet our appetites for what’s to come and have certainly left me eager for more.

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