Playlist – November 2018

November 2018 PlaylistWith a few gigs away from Guernsey and new albums being released in the island it’s another month with a mix of tracks.

Two of those gigs came from The Dresden Dolls (click here to read my review) and Melvins and Jon Spencer (click here to read about that one) while some of the other tracks were just things that grabbed my interest.

Below this is the Spotify playlist, and you can follow me on there to see all the past monthly playlists too:


  • Jon Spencer – Do The Trash Can (form Spencer Sings The Hits)

  • Kiya Ashton – Sweet Decadence (from Sweet Decadence EP and Out Of The Box compilation)

  • Melvins – Stop Moving To Florida (from Pinkus Abortion Technician)

  • The Dresden Dolls – Good Day (from their self-titled album)

  • Mercyful Fate – Evil (from Melissa)

  • Burning At Both Ends – Shut It Down (from Hail Apathy)

  • Laura Jane Grace and the Devouring Mothers – Apocalypse Now (& Later) (from Bought To Rot)

  • Killswitch Engage – My Last Serenade (from Alive Or Just Breathing)

  • Bad Religion – The Kids Are Alt-Right

  • Hillbilly Moon Explosion – My Love For Evermore (from Buy, Beg or Steal)

Like last month to go with the playlist a video of one of the tracks that particularly stands out:

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