Vale Earth Fair DIY Disco – De La Rue – 09/03/18

Jade DJing at the Vale Earth Fair DIY Disco nightOver the years the Vale Earth Fair has held occasional events opening up the decks (be they vinyl, CD or digital) to anyone wanting to play a set of tracks of their own choosing.

Most famous and successful of these have been the John Peel Tribute events every October where music fans have 15 minutes to play their selections making for some for some of the most varied nights of music possible.

Now, using that idea as a basis, the island’s longest running music festival has launched a regular monthly night offering up 30 minute slots for anyone wanting to play at the Thomas De La Rue pub.

The first event, held on Friday 9th March, saw a wide range of sound from six DJs spanning sounds from punk rock and psychobilly to hip hop and chap hop to classic pop disco.

Vale Earth Fair decksFor the small number who had turned up for the music this all went down very well and, while as is fairly normal this wasn’t a disco where anyone was getting up and dancing, it was clear that the varying choices were being enjoyed.

For the passing crowd though, without the knowledge of the concept I think things were slightly more confusing with some decidedly left field selections making up the bulk of the night.

As with many events if the reason and concept for them happening isn’t clear, particularly in a town pub rather than a dedicated venue, it can feel a little an odd and this one had a bit of that to it. That’s something a little obvious branding and more promotion before the event I think can easily solve as might seem way of showing who’s DJing when and what one might expect from each set.

However, as it finds its feet and becomes a more well known night with hopefully more participation, I think it could be a great alternative to the usual live nights. If it’s anything like similar events I’ve been involved with elsewhere it could be a great place to discover new music you wouldn’t normally hear.

Along with Earth Fair Collective members Jade and Rob and DJs Andy, Alex and Justin, I had a set on the night and this is what I played:

  • Idles – Mother
  • Against Me! – Thrash Unreal
  • Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. – The Real McCoy
  • The Damned – Neat Neat Neat
  • NoFX – Sid & Nancy
  • Rancid – Where I’m Going
  • The Interrupters – You’re Gonna Find A Way Out
  • Nekromantix – Gargoyles Over Copenhagen
  • The Cramps – Elvis Fucking Christ
  • Reverend Horton Heat – Let Me Teach You How To Eat

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