1000 Posts Later…

A little over six years ago I started this blog as a place to archive some of the freelance writing I was doing for different magazines and newspapers, as well a seeing a place for original articles and entries related to my radio work. Now, as I hit 1000 posts, I thought I'd take a... Continue Reading →

Andre The Giant – HBO Documentary

The world of professional wrestling is a mysterious one; part sport, part performance art, part soap opera and part carnival side-show. While it's now led by an international, multi billion dollar organisation, it was made up of many regional enterprises, particularly in North America, and it is this world in which Andre The Giant became... Continue Reading →

NXT TakeOver New Orleans – 07/04/18

The weekend around WWE’s Wrestlemania has, in recent years, become a near week-long celebration of professional wrestling in whichever city is hosting the so-called ‘show of shows’ with independent companies from around the world putting on shows at seemingly every available time and venue. For the last few years WWE themselves has done their best... Continue Reading →

Pro-Wrestling in 2017

2017 was a big year in the world of professional and in my experience of it. WWE developed its brand into something that, possibly for the first time, feels genuinely global with non-Americans being highly featured as serious competitors on the main shows, the expansion of NXT into a bona-fide kind of 'super indie' and... Continue Reading →

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