Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

When James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy was released in 2014 it was a breath of fresh air in a rapidly expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe that was already beginning to grow somewhat stale. Now, three years later, its sequel has appeared with far more anticipation and again the hope that it would help add something new... Continue Reading →

The Last Witch Hunter

It's fairly easy to divide the films of Vin Diesel into two camps; there are the all out action blockbusters (i.e. The Fast and the Furious series) that are the modern-day definition of high concept cinema, and then there are the personal interest oddities. Unlike many other actor/producers, rather than being small-scale indie style fare... Continue Reading →

Guardians of the Galaxy

Before I launch into this I’m going to make it clear that a sense of trepidation still remains lurking in the back of my mind due to the effect The Avengers had on me upon re-watching it… basically, I loved it in the cinema, as my review testified, but future re-watches (two so far and... Continue Reading →

Fast & Furious 6

With the only big full on action movie to have made me venture into the cinema so far this year being A Good Day To Die Hard, I headed into Fast & Furious 6 in the hope and expectation that, at the very least, it would be better than that. Having followed the Fast &... Continue Reading →

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