Vale Earth Fair Weekend 2021 – 28-30/08/21

While 2020 had seen the Vale Earth Fair reach a new height in a lot of ways, with a sell out on the day and one of the best atmospheres I remember experiencing at the festival, there’s no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic had made life hard work for the organisers.

Gregory Harrison – 109

Almost five years ago Gregory Harrison released his self-titled solo debut EP to much acclaim within Guernsey’s music scene and further afield, but since then his solo endeavours have taken something of a back seat as he focussed on being part of The Recks. Since the band have gone on something of a hiatus following... Continue Reading →

October 2020 Playlist

Click here to listen on Spotify Another bunch of tracks for you to round the month; old, new and otherwise. For my usual crop of locally sourced stuff there’s a new one from Kiya Ashton’s latest EP, something from Elliot Albert Orchard, one by Ukuladeez and a Billy Bragg track that was recently covered by... Continue Reading →

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