The Lego Batman Movie

While the initial idea of The Lego Movie was, at first, somewhat of an odd one, the final product was one of the highlights of recent family cinema so it wasn't surprising when a sequel was announced fairly swiftly. The fact that this sequel would be The Lego Batman Movie, focussing on the Lego version... Continue Reading →

Suicide Squad

Around 18 years or so ago the perception of comic book/superhero movies changed, seemingly forever, from slightly naff, campy b-movies to genuine blockbuster contenders thanks to the likes of Bryan Singer’s X-Men and Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man leading into Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins and the ongoing (now somewhat inconsistent) Marvel Cinematic Universe behemoth. Now, with... Continue Reading →

The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1

In the wake of the success of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy of Batman movies DC Comics have begun to release a series of animated versions of some of the most revered and influential stories in their canon. First, appropriately enough, was Batman: Year One, Frank Miller’s mid-80s take on the origin of the character,... Continue Reading →

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