Music In Guernsey In 2018

A year ago, when I was writing my review of music in Guernsey in 2017, I commented that it felt like a year when the bands and musicians in and from the island had all, collectively, taken a great step forward I terms of the quality of what was being produced and the professionalism with... Continue Reading →

2018 Summer of Music in Guernsey

I'm sure it's a trend I've mentioned in the past but more than ever the 'summer festival season' in Guernsey is, like it's larger counterparts in the U.K. and Europe, getting longer and more packed each year. Barely a weekend went by without some event happening and calling itself a festival somewhere in the Bailiwick... Continue Reading →

Playlist – July 2018

This is the first in what I'm hoping will become a monthly post I make with some of the highlights of music I've been listening to over the past four weeks. My aim is that it won't be just tracks I've featured either on the blog here or on my BBC Music Introducing In Guernsey... Continue Reading →

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