The Limit Club – Painless (single)

For over a decade Nick Feratu and his band of rock 'n' roll misfits, The Limit Club, have been carving out a niche for themselves in the punk and rockabilly scenes of America's south-west. In that time they've played shows alongside the likes of Tiger Army while touring both in the US and Europe. Now,... Continue Reading →

The Delta Bombers – Self-titled

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, The Delta Bombers are a rockabilly quartet steeped in the history of the style. While I first encountered them via a high energy live set supporting Tiger Army at the second 2017 Octoberflame show their most recent, self-titled, album, presents a slightly different, but none-the-less impressive side of the band.... Continue Reading →

Tiger Army – Prisoner of the Night

As they approach their 20th anniversary, it could be said Tiger Army haven’t ever rushed at releasing new material with just four full-length albums in that time and their last, Music From Regions Beyond, coming in 2007. Since then the band have been quiet with occasional live shows and leader Nick 13 concentrating on his... Continue Reading →

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