Ghost In The Shell (2017)

Since it's release in 1995 the anime of Ghost In The Shell has become one of the touchstones of not only Japanese animated films breaking through into western culture (along with the likes of Akira and the Miyazaki films) but has become a heavy influence on science fiction cinema of many sorts from The Matrix... Continue Reading →

The Wicker Man (2006)

There are good remakes (Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead), there are bad remakes (Gus Van Sant’s Psycho), there are pointless remakes (again Van Sant’s Psycho) and then there is Neil Le Butte’s 2006 go at The Wicker Man. As with most films there is probably a vague reason to remake Robin Hardy’s 1973 classic... Continue Reading →

The Thing (2011)

Films made as sequels or prequels to others long after the original are always going to be problematic, and, when they do what The Thing does, it heightens these problems further. Ok, maybe that sounds a bit negative to start off, and Matthijs van Heijningen’s 2011 horror The Thing is far from being a bad... Continue Reading →

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