Critics Choice at Beau Cinema: Silence

As pointed out by Wynter Tyson (one of the curators of the #CriticsChoice series at Beau Cinema) during his introduction to this screening of Martin Scorsese's Silence, the revered director has, throughout his career, often explored elements of faith in his work. From the more obvious in the The Last a Temptation Of Christ to references... Continue Reading →


One song I clearly remember liking a lot when I first heard it when I was a child was Iron, Lion, Zion. To be honest I’ve no idea why it struck me so, but since then Bob Marley’s music has always sat on the edge of my musical consciousness while always retaining a certain place... Continue Reading →

Red State

Kevin Smith delivers an intriguing but flawed look the state of American (and western) society in his latest picture. Since I first saw Dogma, what must have been 12 or so years ago, I have been an avid follower of the work of Kevin Smith. From the genius of Clerks, and the other ‘Askewniverse’ films,... Continue Reading →

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