NoFX – Punk In Drublic

25 years ago punk rock was, at least in the eyes of the mainstream, undergoing something of a resurgence. Green Day had just released Dookie and The Offspring had dropped Smash and into this, like the fly in the ointment they always seem to strive to be, came NoFX with Punk In Drublic - arguably... Continue Reading →

Cokie The Clown – You’re Welcome

Over the years NoFX have, along with increasingly blistering social and political commentary and their fair share of juvenile humour, featured a darker, often more personal, streak than many other bands who grew out the 1980s California punk rock scene. This now seems to have reached its peak with You're Welcome, a new album from... Continue Reading →

Insurrection – Age Of Fear

With a wall of distorted noises we are ushered into Insurrection's Age Of Fear, the hardcore band's second full album, thirty years in from their self-titled debut. That thirty years saw the band split for a long while but then reform around a decade ago to play sporadic live shows both in Guernsey and the... Continue Reading →

The Limit Club – Kid Bitchin’

A couple of months ago I posted a review of, Painless, the new single from The Limit Club -┬ánow Nick Feratu and his band of Arizona misfits have dropped their new full album, Kid Bitchin'. Having originally formed in 2005, The Limit Club (named, rather tellingly, after a song by The Damned) have released three... Continue Reading →

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