Phoebe Over – The Ick Factor

A year ago Jersey singer-songwriter Phoebe Over dropped her debut single, an acoustic version of her song Rehab (not to be confused with other songs of the same name), and then, in terms of recordings at least, seemed to go a bit quiet. While she has spent the last year making regular live appearances, particularly... Continue Reading →

Alfie Butel – Over N Over

Jerseyman Alfie Butel has continued his run of singles in June 2022 with Over N Over. From the off it’s clear a summer release is perfect for this one as it has summer vibes stamped all over it from its synth backing to the layers of brass, guitars and more than build up in eminently... Continue Reading →

Maisie Robbie – Milestone

Maisie Robbie is a new, Jersey-based, singer songwriter who this month has dropped her debut single, Milestone. From the off the song has an exceptionally current pop feel to it but, it soon becomes clear there is a lot more going on. Led by an irresistible electric piano sound it soon establishes a fine groove... Continue Reading →

The Sparks Brothers

Sparks are one of those bands I’ve always known about but never really been sure how much I know by them - aside from that first appearance on Top Of The Pops playing This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us in the mid 1970s (I must have seen it on TOTP2) I... Continue Reading →

Eloise Fabbri – Hazy Skies

The last couple of years has really seen Eloise Fabbri establish herself as a prime fixture on Guernsey’s music scene but, away from the stage, she’s long had a far broader reach with collaborations with artists and musicians further afield. This continues on her new single, Hazy Skies, (following on from her debut, Beauty, and... Continue Reading →

Le Montais – Zillennial

Over the last year or so Le Montais has established herself firmly as one to watch emerging from the Jersey music scene (and was listed as such by BBC Music Introducing In The Channel Islands at the start of 2021) and now she is seeking to solidify that reputation with the release of her debut... Continue Reading →

Robyn Sherwell – To Give Up

After releasing EP Where Do We Go From Here back in December 2020 Robyn Sherwell returned with something of a surprise new single in the first week of March 2021, To Give Up. From the off the single has an infectious and upbeat rhythm and groove that is genuinely irresistible and got me moving on... Continue Reading →

P3rm1t – Dusk

Peter Mitchell has, over the last few years, made a name for himself fronting Burning At Both Ends and being one of the creative forces in (as well as frontman for) WaterColour Matchbox so, when his new solo album Dusk dropped under the name P3rm1t I was intrigued to have a listen. I'll admit given... Continue Reading →

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