The Linda Lindas – Growing Up

The Linda Lindas appeared to shoot to fame after a performance they made at an open mic show in Los Angeles got picked up and shared on social media by a few major musical luminaries which led to a Tiny Desk Concert on YouTube, appearances on TV shows and now, via Epitaph Records, a debut... Continue Reading →

Little Earthquakes – EP 1

The last few months have seen Charles Stenner reestablish himself on Guernsey’s music scene with a string of stand out performances including at the Guernsey Gigs Unplugged Club and in The Peace Tent at Chaos 17 but before that he was based out of Whistler, British Columbia in Canada and, while there, produced a series... Continue Reading →

Jack White – Fear Of The Dawn

I have to admit that the latest LP from Jack White, Fear Of The Dawn, somewhat slipped under my particular radar, likely because after previous record Boarding House Reach my interest in the Third Man Records boss seemed to have reached its end (see my review of that to get an idea why). Having heard... Continue Reading →

The Filth And The Fury: A Sex Pistols Film

After recently watching the Danny Boyle adaptation of Sex Pistols’ guitarist Steve Jones autobiography, Pistol, on Disney+ I thought it was time to go back and revisit Julien Temple’s 2000 documentary on the band, The Filth And The Fury. After finding somewhere online I could actually watch the film, as it seems to be one... Continue Reading →

June 2022 Playlist

Once again a mix of things for my June 2022 playlist which you can listen to along with all the other tracks I’ve playlisted so far this year over on Spotify by clicking here. When it comes to new stuff there’s tracks from Volleyball, Alfie Butel, Sam Brace and Mark Le Gallez. Besides those I’ve... Continue Reading →

Alfie Butel – Over N Over

Jerseyman Alfie Butel has continued his run of singles in June 2022 with Over N Over. From the off it’s clear a summer release is perfect for this one as it has summer vibes stamped all over it from its synth backing to the layers of brass, guitars and more than build up in eminently... Continue Reading →

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