A number of movies regularly appear at or near the top of lists of 'best films', from Citizen Kane to The Shawshank Redemption to The Godfather. One though that always stands out to me is Alfred Hitchcock's psychological thriller, Vertigo. The reason it stands out is quite how dark its story is, particularly for the... Continue Reading →

Children of Men

When Alfonso Cuaron’s Children of Men opened in cinemas in 2006, while it came with a strong reputation I have to admit by being put of by the presence of Clive Owen. While a good actor I have always found him hard to get on with on-screen and so with a couple of exceptions have... Continue Reading →

Starship Troopers

Twenty years ago Starship Troopers became possibly the first film I made a point of going to see more than once in its first cinema run, so regardless of anything else it has an interesting place in my cinematic education. Coming back to it now after several years of not seeing it, via a screening... Continue Reading →


At the time of its release Rob Marshall's take on Kander & Ebb's jazz age musical, Chicago, was somewhat maligned though popular and award winning with it, not least of all by myself as a fan of the stage show. Now, some years later, revisiting the film while on a plane, has led me to... Continue Reading →

Silent Running

Throughout November the Guernsey Museum at Candie Gardens have been showing a series of films to coincide with their rather excellent Engage Warp Drive exhibition of science fiction paraphernalia and the Guernsey Arts Commission's exhibition of work by Chris Foss. Following on from Forbidden Planet from the 50s and The Quatermass Experiment from the 60s,... Continue Reading →

Murder On The Orient Express

There's often talk of tapping into different audiences with films, with one that comes up with fair regularity being the somewhat patronisingly named 'grey pound'. On paper Kenneth Branagh's take on Agatha Christie's famed mystery, Murder On The Orient Express, falls firmly into this category with its cast of familiar faces, well-known name and the... Continue Reading →

Spider-Man: Homecoming

It's hard to escape the fact that this is the third iteration of Marvel's wise cracking web spinner in the past two decades. While Sam Raimi's Spider-Man was generally well received (for the first two appearances at least), Andrew Garfield's take on Peter Parker has at best been relegated to being a footnote in the... Continue Reading →

Blade Runner 2049

Ever since the announcement of Blade Runner 2049, a sequel to Blade Runner, Ridley Scott's seminal sci-if movie of the early 80s, there was a sense of worry, for two reasons. First was wondering could a sequel heading back into this world after such a long break live up to its predecessor and not just... Continue Reading →

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