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BBC Introducing Guernsey: April 2017 – Elliot Falla in session and Vorlon

Elliot Falla and Vorlon Daz Carre

Elliot Falla and Vorlon

Click here to listen to the show

On the April 2017 edition of BBC Introducing Guernsey I featured a pair of guests spanning the range of guitar music in Guernsey.

Elliot Falla was in session with his brand of folk influence indie-blues including tracks from his recent Throne EP and brand new songs. He also told us not only about the making of the EP but also how its been expanding his gigging away from the island following regular shows in Brighton and London over the last few months.

Vorlon on the other hand is a project from long-standing heavy metal musician Daz Carre. He told us about his new album, intense extreme metal project False Sense of Security, as well as his time playing music in the islands which began in the mid-90s and has taken in bands such as Crunchy Frog, Earthcorpse, Darker Shores, Mechanical Lobster, Nemesis and more primarily as drummer but also playing bass and guitar.

You can listen to the show for the next 30 days through the BBC iPlayer Radio App or by clicking here.

I also announced that BBC Introducing Guernsey will again be going live as part of Arts Sunday, you can find out more about that here.


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Acoustic Night with Blue Mountains, Mick Le Huray, Richey Powers and Llewellyn Van Eeden – The Fermain Tavern – 08/04/17

Richey Powers

Richey Powers

After a jam night and an international Folk Americana night, Guernsey Gigs continued their run of shows at The Fermain Tavern by inviting four acoustic acts on to the stage. Spanning veterans of the scene to new performers the night featured a mix of sounds, once again in a relaxed ‘club’ style setting.

First up was Llewellyn Van Eeden. Having played open mic nights and a few smaller gigs including a set on the busking stage at last year’s Vale Earth Fair, this was only my second chance to catch him play and, for the most part, it was an enjoyable performance.

With a blues feel to the majority of his set, Van Eeden added a nice abrasive edge that didn’t feel forced to a fairly standard sound.

Llewellyn Van Eeden

Llewellyn Van Eeden

Adding a harmonica to a few songs rounded it off, albeit in still standard way, and, combined with a relatively easy-going nature on stage, made for a nice way to start the night.

Later in the set we were treated to a folkier song in Afrikaans before the set closed on a pair of what can only be described as ‘pirate folk’ that, while a little novelty, were good fun and went down very well with the audience.

While better known as frontman of psychedelic folk beast The Recks, Richey Powers had the opportunity to show a slightly different side of himself going solo. For the most part it was what you’d expect with folk sounds from various traditions rubbing shoulders with something of an American indie rock sensibility.

Richey Powers

Richey Powers

Much like with The Recks, Richey’s songs were often long, and in a solo setting a little over long on a couple of occasions, but generally were engrossing rides that drew the audience in.

The solo setting also gave us the chance to hear the more intricate side of Richey’s playing that often gets lost in the multilayered sound of The Recks.

With Frugal Heart providing a nice highlight the set then ended with a more intense stomping blues-y song that, if nothing else, proved a good pair of Cuban heels can work just as effectively as an amplified stomp box.

Mick Le Huray is a longstanding member of Guernsey’s music and folk scene and has been a fixture of the Sark Folk Festival since its inception and many events before. With his first solo album recorded and released in the last year he has found something of a new lease of life and that was evident here.

Mick Le Huray and Andrew Degnen

Mick Le Huray and Andrew Degnen

Accompanied by Andrew Degnen on fiddle, Mick played a set strong with the feel of the 1960s folk revival delivered with a real sense of feeling and humility. Andrew’s violin expanded the sound nicely but didn’t help the set dragging a little in the middle for me when it went a little too traditional folk for my tastes.

A song with Guernsey French lyrics and a more upbeat closer brought Mick’s set to an end on a high point though and made a nice contrast to the two younger solo performers that came before.

In trio mode tonight Blue Mountains delivered a set made up of many songs, but all continued their journey into a melancholy side of dark Americana.

Colleen Irven and Mike Bonsall of Blue Mountains

Colleen Irven and Mike Bonsall of Blue Mountains

With Andrew Degnen’s fiddle and a few tracks where Mike Bonsall swapped from guitar to banjo, Blue Mountains new songs expanded their range of sounds but it was the harmonies and style that remained at the heart of their songs.

A real highlight of the new songs came with Hummingbird, while We Come & Go shifted things into slightly more upbeat territory towards the end of the set, it was just a shame the audience had drifted away somewhat by this stage of the night.

Rounding the night off on a great vocal harmony moment to close their take on Emmylou Harris’ Red Dirt Girl, Blue Mountains concluded things on a high point and, as this gig was clearly promoted as the first in a series, I hope to see more music of this quality in this relaxed setting going forward.

You can see a full gallery of my photos from the show on the BBC Introducing Guernsey Facebook page

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BBC Introducing Guernsey: October 2013 – Guernsey Arts Commission and Sark Folk Festival

Sark Folk Festival 2013

Sark Folk Festival 2013

On this month’s edition of BBC Introducing Guernsey we continued the discussion started by a recent meeting between the Guernsey Arts Commission and local musicians (read more about that here) by talking to he chair of their Music Sub-Committee, Russ Fossey, and Arts Assistant Charlie Atkinson.

I also spoke to Dave Langlois and Mick Le Huray from the Sark Folk Festival as they prepare for the release of festival tickets on 2nd November, which they expect to sell out very quickly if previous years are anything to go by (read my review of this year’s festival here).

You can listen to the show until 8pm on Saturday 2nd November here.


Here’s the new video from H A R T E B E E S T for their song death.

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BBC Introducing Guernsey: July 2012 – More Festivals

Lifejacket at Chaos

Tonight was the July edition of BBC Introducing Guernsey in which I tried to fit about 3 hours of material into a 2 hour show.

I looked back at the Sark Folk Festival (review here) and Chaos (review here) and looked ahead to the Vale Earth Fair which is coming up at the end of August.

Anyway, you can listen to the show for the next week here, and here is the tracklist:

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Sark Folk Festival 2012 – BBC article and photos

A Day Before Thursday – Photo by Tom Girard, courtesy BBC Guernsey

This past weekend I was in Sark for the third annual Sark Folk Festival experiencing a tonne of great folk, roots and acoustic music (and some slightly out of place, but still pretty darned good metal).

I’m going to get a full review up in the next few days but first here’s the stuff I did for BBC Introducing Guernsey.

Also go here to see the videos I got over the weekend (varying quality as recorded on my iPhone, more will be added over the next few days too).

Sark Folk Festival continues success

For the third year in a row the last weekend in June saw musicians and music lovers from all over the British Isles and France descend on the small island of Sark for three days of folk and roots music.

The brainchild of Simon Harvey the 2012 festival saw UK folk stalwarts such as Show of Hands rub shoulders with new and local bands like The Recks and The John Wesley Stone.

The festival opened on the afternoon of Friday with a set from well established Guernsey musician Mick Le Huray.

Mick said: “I was pleased to [open the festival] this year… I really enjoyed it but it was a little bit nerve-wracking, there’s a responsibility to kick it off in the right way.”

Continue reading story…


Pictures of Day 1

Pictures of Day 2

Pictures of Day 3

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BBC Guernsey: Afternoon Show and Wind Down Zone – 16/05/12

Another day back on the steam-driven wireless at BBC Guernsey and today I was joined by Phil Capper from the Guernsey Folk Club to talk about his life in music and the club.

We also did a search looking for famous ships that have visited the islands over the years and of course had a Mystery Year.

Later in the day there was also the Wind Down Zone which featured music from The Beatles, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. and Mick Le Huray, amongst others.

Afternoon Show (Mystery Year) – click to listen

Wind Down Zone – click to listen

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