Alien: Covenant

Several years ago, when Ridley Scott announced his prequel to his 1979 classic Alien, Prometheus, I wondered whether we really needed an explanation for events leading up to a film that already worked so efficiently and effectively. Now, with the follow-up to that film, Alien: Covenant, that is also another precursor to the original, that question... Continue Reading →


When coming to a movie on home release, following very good reviews and a Blu-ray front cover screaming hyperbole, it can be very hard to form a genuine response to it as expectation is set to a different level. Lenny Abrahamson’s Frank is certainly a film that falls into this category, but, for the most... Continue Reading →

X-Men: Days Of Future Past

I will admit that, in the past, some of my straight from the cinema reviews of comic book movies haven’t lived up to scrutiny in the cold light of day, once the whiz-bang has all died down (see Avengers and to a lesser extent Man of Steel and Iron Man 3). Recently I have also... Continue Reading →

Prometheus – review and podcast

Ridley Scott and co create an at once astounding, fascinating but ultimately over reaching piece of sci-fi. So the hype and expectation are over and the film that was both heralded as a prequel to Alien and not is finally on our screens. I am writing this about an hour after seeing the film so... Continue Reading →

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