After Shang-Chi and maybe Guardians Of The Galaxy, Marvel’s Eternals are maybe the characters from the Marvel canon that have made it to the big screen I know least about, having only read the Neil Gaiman version of them which I’m not sure how that fits into the wider Marvel world. Added to that the... Continue Reading →

Spider-Man: No Way Home

After a pair of solid (but unspectacular) entries in the series it seemed that the current Spider-Man was in a position where his appearances in the big Avengers team up movies were going to be more memorable than his own films, which given the prominence of the character historically, felt like something of a shame... Continue Reading →


24 hours after seeing DC Comics’ latest flying rodent-centric superhero movie I headed to see Marvel’s (sort of) equivalent, Morbius. Going in expectations were not high with Jared Leto’s performance having come in for quite a battering and the film generally not receiving good notices and, as it began with our (sort of) hero, Dr... Continue Reading →

Black Widow

The last couple of years have somewhat derailed my keeping up with Marvel Studio’s releases, in part as there have been many cinema releases and those there have been have been obviously inconsistent, and so I have come to Black Widow rather later than intended on Blu-Ray at home and with the sense of expectation... Continue Reading →

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

With Marvel’s cinematic slate somewhat stalled for the last year or so for probably obvious reasons we have been treated to a bit of a break from the MCU, as it had been becoming somewhat overwhelming, and then Wandavision twisted expectation for an MCU TV show rather nicely, but now another series, The Falcon And... Continue Reading →

The New Mutants

Other than James Bond and maybe the assorted Godzilla related films, and of course the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there can’t be many series of films to reach 13 instalments, but that’s what has happened with the X-Men, seemingly reaching its end (for good or bad) with The New Mutants. Following on from the less than... Continue Reading →


After a rather refreshing break (albeit one enforced by the various lockdown states around the world over the last year) Marvel Studios have returned for the next ‘phase’ of their ongoing epic with their first series on Disney+, Wandavision. Set in the weeks immediately following Avengers: Endgame the story picks up with Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth... Continue Reading →

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Over the last decade and a half or so I have, to a greater or lesser extent, enjoyed every entry into what's become the Marvel Cinematic Universe form Iron Man to Avengers: Endgame, so, when Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse landed in 2019 I really wasn't sure what to make of it, and that's probably why... Continue Reading →

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