Critics Choice at Beau Cinema: Silence

As pointed out by Wynter Tyson (one of the curators of the #CriticsChoice series at Beau Cinema) during his introduction to this screening of Martin Scorsese's Silence, the revered director has, throughout his career, often explored elements of faith in his work. From the more obvious in the The Last a Temptation Of Christ to references... Continue Reading →

The Wolf Of Wall Street

I came to Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio’s The Wolf Of Wall Street on Blu-ray rather than in the cinema so there was already a fair amount of baggage coming along with it as I hit play – thankfully I soon became wrapped up in the story and the baggage, for the most part, fell... Continue Reading →


Scorsese paints a great digital picture of 1930s Paris and gives us a lesson on early cinema, but does that make for a compelling story? I will admit to coming to Hugo somewhat later than many (having only just watched it), so it was that I picked up a copy with a fair bit of... Continue Reading →

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