September 2020 Playlist

Click here to listen on Spotify August ended with the biggest festival of the year in Guernsey, as a unique version of the Vale Earth Fair took place showcasing only local artists due to the ongoing situation with highlight sets coming from (amongst others) Lord Vapour and The Recks who covered Gorillaz’ Clint Eastwood in... Continue Reading →

June 2020 Playlist

As June 2020 has seen what was an already the strange situation of lockdown due to global pandemic escalate with mass protests around the globe, particularly in the name of the Black Lives Matter movement but others besides, I’ve got a double header of a playlist update for you this month. First is the usual... Continue Reading →

Last Of The Light Brigade – The Brink

When they released Last Laugh in 2014, despite the title, I'm not sure anyone thought it would be the swan song for indie rockers Last Of The Light Brigade. As their gigs (away from the wedding band circuit) became fewer and further between though, and the individual members pursued other interests (with quite some success)... Continue Reading →

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