Phoebe Over – The Ick Factor

A year ago Jersey singer-songwriter Phoebe Over dropped her debut single, an acoustic version of her song Rehab (not to be confused with other songs of the same name), and then, in terms of recordings at least, seemed to go a bit quiet. While she has spent the last year making regular live appearances, particularly... Continue Reading →

The Dust – Valley Of The Kings

Jersey newcomers The Dust have launched themselves onto the scene (in a recoded sense at least) with debut single Valley Of The Kings. As the name suggests the whole thing has something of an Ancient Egyptian flavour to it and as the intro gradually develops that particularly ‘middle eastern’ or ‘Arabic’ (to use probably not... Continue Reading →

Alfie Butel – Over N Over

Jerseyman Alfie Butel has continued his run of singles in June 2022 with Over N Over. From the off it’s clear a summer release is perfect for this one as it has summer vibes stamped all over it from its synth backing to the layers of brass, guitars and more than build up in eminently... Continue Reading →

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