Ministry – AmeriKKKant

Four years ago Al Jourgensen's industrial metal outfit Ministry called it a day for the second time following the death of their lead guitarist Mike Scaccia with the less than stellar album From Beer To Eternity. Never one to be too predictable, or miss a chance for some belligerent rabble rousing, though, in 2018 they... Continue Reading →

Rammstein In Amerika

As bands who work to their own rules but go on to major mainstream recognition go, Rammstein are certainly up there. Nowhere is this more evident than in this, their new concert film and documentary package, Rammstein In Amerika. The first disc of the set is a conventional concert film of their 2010 performance at... Continue Reading →

Ministry – From Beer To Eternity

Ministry rounded off their career in September 2013 with the release of From Beer To Eternity following the death of guitarist Mike Scaccia late in 2012. The band had recorded most of the album, with Scaccia, and it was completed by bandleader Al Jourgensen and Sammy D’Ambruoso from these sessions. Unfortunately, while it is clearly... Continue Reading →

Ministry – Relapse

The Texan industrial metallers return with a storming album taking on both society and more personal issues. I will admit to being slightly concerned when I heard the news that Ministry were to be releasing a new album as their most recent efforts (a pair of covers albums) had been at best mixed and at... Continue Reading →

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