February 2021 Playlist

Click here to listen to the full playlist in Spotify A full month back in lockdown has obviously meant a (hopefully temporary) end to live shows but that hasn’t meant that new music hasn’t kept coming through. So, in the brand new stuff area, I’ve got a track from the new album by Gregory Harrison... Continue Reading →

Hot Juice – Second Wave

There’s a definite feeling of ‘good timing’, if that’s the right way to put it (maybe appropriate timing would be better), to the release of Second Wave, the latest single from Jersey rockers Hot Juice as it's landed half way through the second week of Guernsey’s second ‘lockdown’. A year ago phrases like Second Wave... Continue Reading →

Hot Juice – What You Gunna Do Now?

Back in April Jersey rock ‘n’ rollers Hot Juice continued their strong work from 2019 with single I Don’t Mind but then, it’s probably unsurprising to hear given this year’s prevailing conditions on the island, they went rather quiet. Now though they are back with another single, with some Slade like ‘phonetic’ spelling in its... Continue Reading →

April 2020 playlist

Click here to go straight to the playlist on Spotify Another strange month in April as life under so-called ‘lockdown’ continues to one degree or another around a fair amount of the world. Thankfully there has been a lot of new music entering my world, along with a chance to listen to some older stuff... Continue Reading →

Hot Juice – I Don’t Mind

Continuing a run of new singles from Channel Islands artists dropping at the moment is Jersey rockers Hot Juice with I Don't Mind, following up on their EP from December, This Is What You Want. As the track kicks off with the sound of a live crowd it sets the scene for what the band... Continue Reading →

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