Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

Over the years I’ve written about several versions of Dracula on here, from Stoker’s original novel and Murnau’s unofficial adaptation, Nosferatu, to the 2020 BBC TV adaptation via one of many Hammer movies, but oddly I’ve never actually written properly about the first version of the story I fully encountered, Francis Ford Coppola’s rather clumsily... Continue Reading →

Shaun Of The Dead

Despite having watched Hot Fuzz more times than I can remember (largely thanks to ITV2’s famed late night schedules) and relatively recently rewatching The World’s End, it’s been quite some while since I last watched the first film in Edgar Wright’s ‘Three Flavours Cornetto’ trilogy, Shaun Of The Dead. Largely this is down to the fact... Continue Reading →

Army Of Darkness

Rounding my seasonal rewatch of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy (as I watch it’s a few days before Halloween) we come to the most elaborate and different of the trio, Army Of Darkness (sometimes AKA The Medieval Dead). Much like the shift from the first to the second films, the shift to third sees a... Continue Reading →

Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn

After watching the original The Evil Dead recently I continued my journey through this most bizarre of trilogies with, seemingly logically, Sam Raimi’s 1987 follow up Evil Dead 2, sometimes subtitled ‘Dead By Dawn’. The reason for this being a somewhat bizarre trilogy, other than the subject matter, is that this sequel is, in pretty much... Continue Reading →

The Evil Dead (1981)

While Evil Dead 2 was one of my prime entries into not just horror but my love of film in general, its predecessor is a film I’ve not seen as often but I have always held in high regard and so, as Halloween approaches this year, I thought it time to give it another watch.... Continue Reading →

The Lost Boys

1980s teen vampire flick The Lost Boys has been on my list of films to re-watch for quite some time and, following the recent death of director Joel Schumacher (who I’ll admit I hadn’t quite realised was calling the shots for this one, but in hindsight it makes perfect sense), I thought the time was... Continue Reading →

Doctor Sleep (Theatrical Cut)

By coincidence I have finally come to Mike Flanagan's film of Stephen King's Doctor Sleep on the 40th anniversary of the US release of its forebear, and one of my favourite films, The Shining. Given the reverence I have for Kubrick's take on King's tale of a psychic child and his abusive father who was,... Continue Reading →

Blue Velvet

Quite some time ago I set myself a challenge to work my way through David Lynch's filmography by watching one of his films a week - fairly predictably that lasted about three weeks with Eraserhead, The Elephant Man and Dune, but now, sometime (and the entirety of Twin Peaks, including Fire Walk With Me and... Continue Reading →

IT Chapter Two

Two years ago, with IT (now I guess Chapter One), Andy Muschietti created a tight adventure movie that married elements of nostalgic 80s kids’ romps like The Goonies with a genuine sense of disquieting threat and fear laced throughout. Now with IT Chapter Two the focus has shifted to the same characters, twenty-seven years later,... Continue Reading →

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