Playlist May 2022

I’ve not had as much chance as normal for new music this month but have still found a few bits for my playlist (which you can listen to on Spotify by clicking here). Of the new stuff I’ve got music from Bloomfield, Honeycub, Jon Spencer And The HITmakers, My Chemical Romance and Rammstein, along with... Continue Reading →

February 2021 Playlist

Click here to listen to the full playlist in Spotify A full month back in lockdown has obviously meant a (hopefully temporary) end to live shows but that hasn’t meant that new music hasn’t kept coming through. So, in the brand new stuff area, I’ve got a track from the new album by Gregory Harrison... Continue Reading →

Guernsey Gigs Podcast – 14/02/21

Click here to listen to the podcast With Guernsey back in lockdown in February 2021 the Guernsey Gigs team have revived their podcast in a live stream form. After first joining them back in April 2018 I joined them again on February 14th 2021 and we discussed various topics to do with music in the... Continue Reading →

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