Coastal Fire Dept – Gun

When it comes to bands who never seem to stop Coastal Fire Dept. must be up there as, only a matter of months after their release of their second album Connected in January, they are back with a new single hinting at more to come, Gun. As we are greeted by a lovely dual guitar... Continue Reading →

Music in Guernsey in 2019

After a couple of years where music in Guernsey had upped its game, across the board, to a level that continues to surprise many visitors to the island, or those who hear Guernsey based bands when they venture away, 2019 has had to me a slightly different feel. While the quality of music certainly hasn't... Continue Reading →

Music In Guernsey In 2018

A year ago, when I was writing my review of music in Guernsey in 2017, I commented that it felt like a year when the bands and musicians in and from the island had all, collectively, taken a great step forward I terms of the quality of what was being produced and the professionalism with... Continue Reading →

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